Health & Wellbeing Board


4.00pm 26 January 2021




decision list



Part One




The New Special Educational Needs and Disability Strategy (SEND) 2021-2026


Contact Officer: Georgina Clarke Green          Tel:0127329257


Ward Affected:

All Wards




RESOLVED - That the Board notes and endorses the new final SEND Strategy 2021-2026.






Local Government & Social Care Ombudsman Public Interest Report & Recommendations



Contact Officer:

Victoria Paling

Tel: 01273291805


Ward Affected:

All Wards




RESOLVED – (1) That having formally considered the report notes and agrees the set out in section 2 of the report; and


(2) Approves the following formal written response to the LGSO:


“We have heard and considered the public report issued against Brighton and Hove City Council, reference number:19 000 201. We welcome the findings of the report and accept all the actions and recommendations therein - some of which have already been implemented within the agreed timeframe. We thank you for bringing this to our attention.”






Adult Social Care Fees 2021-22



Contact Officer:

Andy Witham

Tel: 01273 291498


Ward Affected:

All Wards




RESOLVED – That the Board agrees to the recommended fee increases as set out in the table in Appendix 1 to the report. The underpinning background to the fee charges are contained in the main body of the report.






Annual Review of Adult Social Care Charging Policy 2021



Contact Officer:

Angie Emerson

Tel: 01273 295666


Ward Affected:

All Wards




RESOLVED – (1.) To agree that the council continues with the current charging policy for care and support services which includes an individual financial assessment to determine affordability and complies with the requirements of Section 17 of the Care Act 2014. The charging policy is attached at Appendix 1.;


(2) To agree to a 2% increase on current charges or to agree to a higher increase as shown in tables of charges with effect from 12th April 2021


Maximum Charges




Means Tested Charges


 Current maximum

New Maximum

In-house home care/support


£26 per hour


In–house day care


£40 per day


In-House Residential Care


£126 per night


Fixed Rate Charges




Fixed Rate Transport


£4.10 per return


Fixed Meal Charge /Day Care


£4.90 per meal




(3) To agree an increase to Carelink charges as follows:




Standard Carelink Plus service


£19.30 per month

 £19.70 pm

Enhanced Carelink Service


£23.15 per month

 £23.60 pm

Exclusive Mobile Phone Service


£25.00 per month

 £25.50 pm


(4) To agree an increase to miscellaneous fees as follows:


                                                                                                    2020-21 – 2021 – 2021-22

Deferred Payment set up fee (see 2.13)


£533 one-off


Initial fee for contracting non-residential care for self- funders


 £281 one-off


Ongoing fee for contracting for non-residential care for self- funders


£87 per year

£89 per year


(5) To continue with the existing policy not to charge carers for any direct provision of support to carers.