Children, Young People & Skills Committee


4.00pm 9 November 2020


Council Chamber, Hove Town Hall



decision list



Part One





Launch of SEND Strategy 2021-2026



RESOLVED: That the Committee noted the feedback from the consultation and endorsed the final SEND Strategy which includes a new timescale for delivery.






Home to School Transport: Findings of the Members Policy Panel



RESOLVED: That the Committee -


(i)            Noted and accepted the findings of the Member Policy Panel,

given in appendix 1


(ii)          Noted the officer response, given in appendix 2


(iii)         Agreed that the findings and recommendations of the Members’ Policy Panel were incorporated into the existing co-produced Home to School Transport (HTST) action plan


(iv)         Agreed that a further report come to a meeting of the CYPS Committee in the Spring of 2021, which would include progress on the implementation of agreed recommendations from the November 2020 report of the HTST Member Policy Panel. Then further updates to come every six months until Spring 2022.






Progress Report on Home to School Transport Service



RESOLVED: That the Committee –


(i)            Noted this report on the Home to School Transport Service;


(ii)          Agreed that a further report comes to a meeting of the CYPS Committee in the Spring of 2021, which will include progress on the implementation of agreed recommendations from the November 2020 report of the HTST Members’ Policy Panel.






Youth Participation



RESOLVED: That the Committee noted and agreed the action plan developed by young people that would increase young people’s involvement in making decisions that impact on them






Youth Service Grants Programme



RESOLVED: That the Committee


(i)            Acknowledged the challenges in completing the recommissioning of the Youth Service Grants Programme within the required timescale.


(ii)          Agreed with the proposal to extend the current Youth Service Grants Programme for a further 6 months (until 30th September 2021).


(iii)         Agreed that the Committee is presented with various options for future youth provision including the possibility of developing a central youth hub, along with detailed costings and financial implications so that a fully informed decision can be made regarding how the Council proceeds.


(iv)         Agreed that a framework for the Youth Service Grant recommissioning process is presented to this Committee in March 2021






School OFSTED Presentation



RESOLVED: The Committee agreed that the presentation be noted.






Anti-racist schools



RESOLVED: That the Committee -


(i)            Support the development of a strategy for anti-racist schools, which will be developed over the next three months, supported by engagement with educational settings and community partnerships;


(ii)          Agreed the principles of the draft strategy outlined in Appendix 1.











Additional Condition Funding Allocation



RESOLVED: That the Committee -


(i)            Agreed that the level of additional School Condition Allocation funding totalling £2.262 million for investment in improving the condition of school buildings be noted;


(ii)          Recommended that this allocation be added to the council Capital Investment Programme for expenditure in 2021/22;


(iii)         Agreed to recommend to Policy & Resources Committee that they grant delegated authority to the Assistant Director of Property & Design to procure the capital maintenance and basic need works and enter into contracts within these budgets, as required, in accordance with Contract Standing Orders in respect of the entire Education Capital Programme. With a focus upon the additional funding securing works which are, wherever possible, sustainable in their use of materials and method of delivery.






Emotional Well-Being and Mental Health Support in Schools



RESOLVED: That the committee noted the work being delivered in schools and colleges in Brighton and Hove.






Complex Adolescent Strategy 2020-21



RESOLVED: That the Committee approved the Complex Adolescent Strategy for Brighton & Hove 2020 - 23