Greater Brighton Economic Board


10.00am 20 July 2021


Virtual Meeting



decision list



Part One





Greater Brighton Recovery: Where Next?



1)            That the Board commissions updated and rapid, research by consultants as a snapshot of the City Region economy as it emerges from the pandemic, to outline the shape of recovery and identify stress points.


2)            That the Board agrees for the Greater Brighton Programme Board to lead on the work of re-focussing the purpose and ambition of the partnership using the findings of the updated report.


3)            That a report outlining how partners can pool resources and work collectively to deliver outcomes that benefit all members goes to the 1st February 2022 Economic Board meeting.






Low Carbon Economy Blue/Green Print



1)            That the Board agree to the development and production of a net-zero innovation led economy Investment Plan (Blue/Green Print) to use as a lobbying tool. This investment plan will outline the region’s investment requirements to be leaders in the UK’s green industrial revolution and transition to net zero. 


2)            That the Board attend, support and promote the events taking place across the region in the lead up to COP26 this November in Glasgow.


3)            That the Board tasks officers to look at working with other regional partners to host a Greater Brighton led Climate Summit in October 2021 to showcase the work and current aspirations happening within the region as part of the preparation for the road to Cop26. This showcase could demonstrate the benefits of partner collaboration enhancing our collective action to address the climate crisis whilst promoting economic recovery.  







Creation of a Greater Brighton Retrofit Task Force



1)            That the Board expresses support of working together on a city region wide project, led by Lewes District Council and the University of Brighton, to find the best solutions in the decarbonisation of council owned housing stock. The board acknowledges that this agreement is in principle whilst some of the detail continues to be worked through noting that local authority members will need to approve to proceed through their own processes.


2)            The Board agrees for the regional Task Force to be established at speed and delegates the authority for this group to lead on the work.


3)            The Board agrees that the governance arrangements for the Task Force are that it reports back on emerging findings to the Greater Brighton Economic Board in April 2022, with the completed Asset Management Plan and Roadmap in October 2022. 






Greater Brighton Food Plan



1)            That the Board agree to begin the scoping work for a Greater Brighton Food Plan focussed on building resilience and integrating innovations. This scoping work will involve time commitments from relevant officers and employees. 


2)            That the Board agree for the scoping work to commence and, subject to the findings being positive, that officers take forward the preparation of a food plan and present the plan for consideration and approval by the Board in April 2022.






Greater Brighton Investment Programme



Contact Officer:

Claudia Raistrick

Tel: 01273 296821


1)            That the Board note the report and the Investment Programme Update at Appendix 1.





NB The above decisions will be implemented after close of business on 27 July 2021 unless they are called in.