Brighton & Hove City Council


Tourism, Equalities, Communities & Culture Committee


4.00pm25 November 2021


Hove Town Hall - Council Chamber





Councillors: Osborne (Joint Chair), Powell (Joint Chair), Rainey (Deputy Chair), Evans (Opposition Spokesperson), Grimshaw (Opposition Spokesperson), Simson (Group Spokesperson), Brown, Childs, Ebel and Littman


Standing Invitees: Harpreet Kaur (NHS CCG) Joanna Martindale (Community Voluntary Sector), Stephanie Prior, and Supt Nick Dias (Sussex Police)








34          Procedural Business


(a)  Declarations of Substitutes


There were none.


(b)  Declarations of Interest


There were none.


(c)  Exclusion of Press and Public


In accordance with Section 100A of the Local Government Act 1972, the committee considered whether the public should be excluded from the meeting during consideration of any item of business on the grounds that it is likely in view of the business to be transacted or the nature of the proceedings, that if members of the public were present during it, there would be disclosure to them of confidential information as defined in Section 100A (3) of the Act.




35          Minutes


The Minutes of the meeting held on 29 November 2021 were agreed as an accurate record.




36          Chairs Communications


It’s been a busy time for my Co-Chair Cllr Osborne and myself since our last TECC committee.  In September I held a couple of meetings virtually with the Beach Access Team, a small group of very active disabled volunteers whose goal it is to make the beach accessible. As we know there is much work still to do on this, and this work will feed-in to the next big piece of work for my side, which is the Accessibility Strategy, starting early next year.

A few of us Cllrs attended the launch of the HIV vending machines at the Jubilee.

A very good attendance for the unveiling of the blue plaque for Rabindranath Tagore, the Bard of Begal, who for a time lived here in Brighton, and whose blue plaque can be seen on the wall of the Pub Du Vin on Ship St.

Cllr OSBORNE visited the onion at the Pavilion last month, an area not open to the public.

I attended the WW1 and WW2 day and exhibition at the Dome.

I laid a wreath for all Civilians of War at the annual Remembrance Sunday ceremony at the Steine.  I then went on to attend the Remembrance services at Hove, at All Saints, and for Jewish Service Personnel at the synagogue in Hove.



Saltdean Library is moving to temporary premises whilst the Saltdean Lido development work takes place. 

The library closed on 23rd November and will re-open in the temporary premises, next to the entrance of the current library, from Tuesday 14 December. 

The library will be open on current staffed days on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. 

Unfortunately, the library will not able to offer 'Libraries Extra' opening in the temporary premises. 

The closest alternative is Rottingdean Library which is open seven days a week with a mixture of staffed and Libraries Extra.


Trans Day of Remembrance

Last Sunday our Trans, Non-Binary & Intersex groups, along with allies held a vigil in Jubilee Square, Brighton for Transgender Day of Remembrance. More than 150 people attended to hear speakers from diverse communities share messages of kindness and calls to action. As always, I found it a very moving and through-provoking experience.

The council continues to stand in solidarity with our Trans and Non-Binary communities, and notes with grave concern the increasing hostility directed at this group. The link between demonising communities and harm experienced is clear.

As Co-Chair of the Equality & Inclusion Partnership I was proud to issue a statement of solidity and support on behalf of the partnership and all its members.

The vigil continued at the city’s new LGBTQ+ community centre -The Ledward Centre on Jubilee street, which is due to open officially in mid- December, which I hope to attend.

From supporting BSL interpreters at the Trans Day of Remembrance event, to flying the Trans flags from our town halls, to funding specific Trans, Non-Binary and Queer Trans Intersex People of Colour (QTIPOC), groups and supporting Trans Pride, the council demonstrates that to our Trans and Non-Binary communities we not only see them but hear their calls for full equality, and act in the pursuit of a fairer city for all.


Afghan Refugees

Council officers in partnership with the University of Sussex, the local community and voluntary sector and private landlords have been working hard to secure accommodation as quickly as possible to support four of the Chevening scholars with families evacuated in August. Two of the families are now settled in their news home, the third we hope will be in their property by the end of the year and a fourth property has been secured. I would like to say a huge thank you to the individuals in the community and voluntary sector who have helped find and set-up these properties, making them as welcoming as possible for these families that have experienced trauma and the terrible losses of their homes, of their jobs, of loved ones, and of their country.


World Aids Day

I would like to encourage people to attend the world AIDs day community lunch happening this Sunday. Organised by the amazing voluntary organisation Lunch Positive, the lunch celebrates food and friendship and remembers those who have lost their lives. Event starts at 12.30pm and lunch is a 1pm, Dorset Gardens Methodist Church.



On the cultural side, Brighton & Hove City Council have organised the Additional Restrictions Grant Scheme which is aimed at supporting the city’s Events sector and Live Music Venues that have continued to be disproportionately affected by closure or greatly reduced operation between 17th of May and 19th of July 2021.

The grant scheme will offer a one-off grant of £10,000 to Events sector and Live Music Venues in Brighton & Hove. In particular, prioritising those that have not received other support (e.g., a Restart Grant) or were severely impacted and not able to reopen due to the continuing social distancing during that period. This grant will prioritise business with higher fixed costs and significant income loss due to continued social distancing.

This discretionary grant is available to businesses that fall into one of the categories below.

•           Events

•           Events Production companies

•           Event promoters / organisers

•           Events management companies

•           Events planning services

•           Live Music Venues (where the applicant is not the rate payer)

This scheme is not available for individual freelancers or sole traders.

Just to give you the expected timeline for the grant, the application portal opens on Tuesday 4 January 2022, with the deadline for applying on Monday 17 January 2022. Applications will be reviewed by a panel – w/c Monday 17 January 2022, the list of awarded businesses finalised – w/c 7 February 2022 and finally, the grants distributed to awarded businesses - w/c 14 February 2022.



On sports, it is great to see that the all-weather 3G Pitch at Stanley Deason Leisure Centre has re-opened after two months of extensive renovation.

The popular pitch is used by schools and colleges and is also home to a five-a-side league. There is also a thriving community of work-based teams and local football teams who use the pitch for training and competitive matches. A new partnership between Freedom Leisure who manage and operate the facility with Whitehawk Football Club is being developed so both organisations can work closer together to serve the local community.

Renovation work has included improving the drainage, new upgraded fencing and a state-of-the-art 3G surface as the previous synthetic pitch had reached the end of its useable life. The upgrade also includes new low energy LED floodlights and controls.

New goals have been added and a spectator fence line installed creating a much safer experience for spectators and players waiting their turn to get onto the pitch.

Funding was provided by Brighton & Hove City Council as part of the new 10-year plan to improve sports facilities in the City in line with the Sports Facility Investment Plan (SFIP).

A key aim of the plan is to continue to improve access to high quality facilities, to increase participation and boost the number of people benefiting from sport through better facilities.

As part of this ongoing work, the Sports Facilities Investment Plan Member Working Group are visiting the Prince Regent Swimming Complex next week to look at some of the current challenges faced in managing the centres and to consider the opportunities that the new investment plan can provide for the future provision of leisure facilities.


Outdoor Events

On outdoor events in the city, in previous years, the outdoor events papers have been brought to the November TECC Committee. As a result of the pandemic we have decided to bring these reports to the January committee and for 2022 we have given event organisers more time to draw together their plans with a clearer view of any impacts to consider as a result of the ongoing pandemic. Reports for both the full events programme and events on Madeira Drive will come to the TECC Committee in January 2022, along with a Fees and Charges report.


Christmas Market

And finally, to finish on a cheery item, the Christmas Market will commence on Friday 26th November (tomorrow) and run through to Friday 31st December 2021. The only day when the festival will be closed is Christmas Day but every other day will open at 11am, and close at either 6pm on Sunday, and 11pm on other days. All information regarding the Brighton Christmas Festival can be found at




37          Call Over


The following items were reserved for discussion:


Item 41

Domestic Abuse Act Strategy and Funding Award Options

Item 42

Third Sector Commission Planning Schedule

Item 43

White Ribbon UK Accreditation

Item 44

Libraries Strategy 2022-25

Item 45

Anti-Racism Pledge Update

Item 46

Public Art Strategy

Item 47

Preparations for the Queens Plantinum Jubilee Celebrations

Item 49

Infrastructure Delivery Plan Refresh

Item 51

Article 4 Direction – Changes of use from Class E (Commercial, Business, and Service Uses) to Class C3 (Dwellinghouses)

Item 53

Heritage Assets Register Options


The following items were therefore agreed:


Item 48

Community Wealth Building Update

Item 50

Annual Infrastructure Funding Statement

Item 52

Coldean – Designation of Neighbourhood Area and Neighbourhood Forum




38          Public Involvement


(a)  Petitions


38.1 The Chair summarised the petition on page 31 of the Agenda and gave the following response:


38.2 The decision not to run the motorcycles at this year’s Speed Trials was not taken by Brighton and Hove City Council.   The Auto Cycle Union (ACU) refused to issue a track licence to the event organisers, citing operational concerns around the surface of the newly installed cycle lane and extended kerb lines.

The event organisers have thanked the Council for being proactive in working with Motorsport UK, the sport’s governing body, to gain the necessary track licence for the cars to run at the event.  The ACU have stated that they will work with the council and the event organisers to make the course safe for the motorcycles to return in 2022.


38.3 The Committee agreed to note the petition.


(b)  Written Questions


38.4 The Chair invited Christopher Hawtree to present the following question:


Would the Chair please tell us when the stock at Hove's Carnegie Library will return to its previous level?


The Chair gave the following response:


Libraries are currently working with restricted stock levels due to the ongoing Health and Safety measures relating to infection control. These measures have necessitated moving furniture to allow for greater distancing between customers and this has meant the temporary lessening of some of the stock on display. When these measures can be dropped completely, stock levels will return to normal pre-pandemic levels.


The Chair invited Christopher Hawtree to ask the following supplementary question:


It was good to go along and see the situation, and it always makes me recall that terrible time just before the jubilee library opened when there proved not to be enough space for the stock, and a load of books were thrown in a skip and caused national outrage. With that in mind please tell us where the space has been found for the huge number of books and CDs currently absent from the Carnegie Library, and can you assure us that the 50% recent drop in book acquisitions will be made good with the unspent budget carried forward into the next years?


The Chair confirmed that a written response would be sent outside of the meeting.




38.5 The Chair invited Bryony Goulden to present the following question:


We are child ambassadors for the Mary Clarke Statue Appeal. Mary was brave and gentle and died for women’s rights. Suffragettes at Mary’s funeral were told they should not be sad but take up her torch and light the darkness. We are taking up Mary’s lamp to try to make things better. We know you are discussing violence against women later on. We want you to stop girls being bullied or treated disrespectfully, especially at school. Will you make sure that by the time we are grown up, this city will be a safe place for women to live?


The Chair gave the following response:


Councillors and officers are working hard to ensure that the city is safe for everybody to enjoy, especially women and girls. A report setting out what work the council and partners, such as the police, are undertaking with regard to violence against women and girls came to this committee in September and can be viewed on the council website.  The report sets out what work is  being undertaken in schools following the ‘Everyone Invited’ campaign. Since that committee report, the city council along with colleagues in neighbouring Sussex authorities and Sussex Police have been awarded central government funds to address VAWG. Included in that award are funds to improve street lighting in certain areas of the City and to undertake work to develop a ‘safe space’ app. There is also funding for work to take place in the city’s schools to address behaviours that are inappropriate. We will also be developing a Violence against women and girls strategy and will be undertaking a survey to inform the development of such. We are hoping that the survey will go live early in the new year and would welcome your thoughts and feedback on that.


The Chair invited Bryony Goulden to ask the following supplementary question:


We are pleased you stand up for women’s rights and support the statue for Mary. When you meet the police will you tell them what we have said - and ask them to also support Mary’s statue.


The Chair gave the following response:


Thank you for your supplementary question. Councillors and officers regularly meet with police colleagues and was discussed at a meeting last week with the divisional commander for Brighton and Hove and senior councillors and officers. A senior police colleague is here at committee tonight and will also ensure that his colleagues are made aware.


38.6 The Chair invited Ali Ceesay to ask the following question:


I've read the Domestic Abuse Report before this Committee, and the spending proposals.  My understanding is that £241,000 has been used from the £606k MHCLG money to fund Brighton & Hove Refuge, thus freeing up £241,000 from the money allocated to the Domestic Abuse Service contract. 

If this is correct, will this money be ringfenced for domestic abuse services in Brighton & Hove, and how and when will this £241,000 be spent

The Chair gave the following response:


We are currently consulting on the draft strategy and we hope that this will inform future spend of the £241k. A further report will come to this committee early next year with recommendations for spend, as it has been previously agreed that committee would agree to the spending of this money. We hope that this money will be allocated before the end of the financial year.


The Chair invited Ali Ceesay to ask the following supplementary question:


There have been discussions about raising domestic violence to the same level as terrorism, specifically for females. How will the VAWG strategy ensure that women are given the same status?


The Chair confirmed that a written response would be given outside of the meeting.


(c)  Deputations


There were none.




39          Items referred from Council


There were none.




40          Member Involvement


(d) Petitions


There were none.


(e) Written Questions


There were none.


(f) Letters


There were none.


(g) Notices of Motion


40.1 The Chair introduced the Notice of Motion regarding Violence Against Women and Girls starting on page 7 of the Addendum, which was jointly seconded by Councillors Grimshaw, Evans, and Simson. The Committee then agreed the Notice of Motion.




41          Domestic Abuse Act Strategy and Funding Award Options


41.1 Jo Player introduced the report starting on page 33 of the Agenda.


41.2 Councillor Grimshaw was informed that discussions will be taken with the Commissioner but there will be contract standing orders that have to be followed, but it is unlikely that it will need to go a full procurement process.


41.3 Councillor Brown was informed that options such as dispersed accommodation and potential funding for the Sanctuary Scheme would help to combat issues.


41.4 Councillor Simson was informed that there hasn’t been an update about the continuation of funding, however there are some indications that it would continue. As there are small amounts of money it would be unlikely that they would go through the procurement process.


41.5 Councillor Rainey raised that the consultation on the draft strategy is currently running until the 19th of December, and that the provision for victims and survivors of domestic abuse needs to be adaptable for many different people that aren’t the traditional family unit.


41.6 Councillor Childs was informed that the LGBT Refuge Provision Committee was agreed until September 2022, and other schemes would be looked at to add additional funds.


41.7 Councillor Simson commented that she commends the writers of the strategy and hopes that it improves further.


41.8 Councillor Grimshaw commented that refuges aren’t necessarily the way forward, and solutions need to be more diverse.


41.9 Councillor Evans was informed that the £241,000 isn’t ringfenced for domestic abuse services but there is every intention to use it for those services, and that recommendations would be coming back to Committee for that spend.


41.10 Jo Martindale was informed that the money should be spent by the end of the financial year, but that if there has been a commitment to the spend, the money wouldn’t be requested to be sent back to Central Government.


RESOLVED: That the Committee:


1. Agrees to allocate available funding in accordance with paragraphs 3.12 and 3.13 of this report.


2. Notes the draft strategy attached at Appendix 1.




42          Third Sector Commission planning schedule


42.1 John Reading introduced the report starting on page 41 of the Agenda.


42.2 Councillor Simson indicated that she supported the recommendations and thanked John for his work.


42.3 Councillor Littman highlighted that this was an example of cross party working towards a better city.


42.4 Jo Martindale thanked the Members Advisory Group for the sustainability of services and maximising Council investment, and that the roll over period was sensible.


RESOLVED: That the Committee:


1. Agrees to extend the current (2020-23) TSC by two years, and to introduce a four year commissioning cycle going forward from 2025 as set out in the report.


2. Delegates authority to the Executive Director for Housing, Neighbourhoods and Communities to implement the changes outlined in paragraph 2.1.






43          White Ribbon UK Accreditation


43.1 Anne Clark introduced the item starting on page 49 on the Agenda.


43.2 Councillor Brown was informed that:


·         Purple Flag status for a city means that crime rates are lower, and it is deemed safer for people.

·         There are 4 factors to work on to achieve this status including strategic leadership, including men and boys in the conversation, changing the culture, and raising awareness of violence.


43.3 Councillor Osborne raised that the culture around violence against women and girls is important to mention in the plan, given that 99% of the perpetrators are men, and that he would be more than happy to be one of the 4 ambassadors for the White Ribbon campaign.




That the Tourism, Equalities and Culture Committee


1. Recommends to Full Council that it agrees officers should apply for White Ribbon Accreditation.


2. Agrees the action plan set out in Appendix 1.


That Full Council:


3. Agrees officers should apply for White Ribbon Accreditation.




44          Libraries Strategy 2022-25


44.1 Sally McMahon and Kate Rouse introduced the report starting on page 53 of the Agenda.


44.2 Councillor Childs was informed of the following points:


·         The strategy is based on the continuation of all 14 of the city’s libraries.

·         Wheelchair accessibility is being looked at for libraries, but there are challenges for libraries in school locations due to safeguarding of children.

·         Stock levels have been lower due to the pandemic but are now almost at normal levels.

·         Internet streaming services are the alternatives to CDs.

·         The libraries budget includes £1 million above the local government grant which supports libraries through insurance of buildings, utilities, stock, and facilities management.

·         There are no plans to pursue the Libraries Extra project at the Jubilee Library.


44.3 Councillor Ebel was informed that a plan would be drafted to provide more books to suit people that speak English as a second language, including simple English books and books in foreign languages.


44.4 Councillor Brown stressed the importance of retaining volunteers and that she was happy to see the introduction of library apprentices.


44.5 Stephanie Prior was informed that the Business and IP centre offering in libraries is free.


44.6 The Chair noted the Labour Group Amendment and invited Councillor Childs to move the amendment.


44.7 Councillor Childs moved the amendment and it was seconded by Councillor Evans.


44.8 The Committee voted to agree the recommendations in the Labour Group Amendment.




That the Tourism, Equalities, Communities & Culture Committee:


1. Recommends to Full Council that it approves the Libraries Strategy 2022-25 set out in Appendix 1.


2. Approves the Libraries Stock Policy as set out at Appendix 2.

3. Notes the importance of public libraries to our City and the contribution they make to education, tackling loneliness and isolation and community cohesion.


4. Commits lifting barriers to access wherever possible, especially to those of low or no income.


Therefore, the Tourism, Equalities, Communities & Culture Committee requests a further libraries report come back to a future meeting of this committee to explore;


a)    A well-publicised two-week annual fee amnesty to maximise book return and encourage increased use.

b)    Ceasing with immediate effect all inter-library loan charges for under 18s, as these raise negligible funds but act as a barrier to borrowing and access.

c)    A review of all charges to under 18s with a view to ending these wherever possible.

d)    A review of options for providing library services to areas such as Kemp Town, Queens Park, Hanover, Hollingdean and others where provision has been lacking since the closure of the mobile library service.


That Full Council:


5. Approves the Libraries Strategy 2022-25 as set out at Appendix 1.


6. Notes the importance of public libraries to our City and the contribution they make to education, tackling loneliness and isolation and community cohesion.


7. Commits lifting barriers to access wherever possible, especially to those of low or no income.






45          Anti-Racism Pledge Update


45.1 Emma McDermott introduced the report starting on page 111 of the Agenda.


A minute silence was held at 6PM for the recently drowned refugees.


45.2 Stephanie Prior was informed:


·         Acronyms are constantly evolving, with plans to move away from BME in favour of more specific acronyms.

·         The Racial Harassment forum are currently working with Housing to update their anti-social behaviour policy to accommodate racially motivated behaviour.

·         The diversity talent programme is aimed at increasing the amount of diverse talent on all levels of the authority so that it doesn’t wane as much the higher levels you get to.


Stephanie Prior commented that the acronym BME is vague as it includes White Irish, and the Council needs to be more specific.


45.3 Councillor Grimshaw advised that the BME acronym be dropped altogether in the meantime.


45.4 Councillor Childs asked if the diverse talent program could be widened to include school staff. Emma McDermott confirmed that she would take this away, report back, and make sure the HR lead was informed regarding school diversity.


45.5 Councillor Osborne asked if participants on the Diverse Talent Development Programme would complete their work during work hours. Emma McDermott confirmed that she would double check about this issue.


RESOLVED: That the Committee noted the report.




46          Public Art Strategy


46.1 Synthia Griffin introduced the report starting on page 117 of the Agenda.


46.2 Councillor Ebel commented that Hove Plinth is an excellent example of public art and should be included in the toolkit as a case study of good public art.


46.3 Councillor Simson was informed that:


·                                                                                                                           The artist who proposed the Angel of the South was turned away due to lack of experience with large public art pieces, and hadn’t thought in detail about site specificity.

·                                                                                                                            A meeting can be created to consult councillors in more detail about the public art strategy.


46.4 Councillor Brown was informed that the timeframe for the welcome signage would be Autumn 2022.


46.5 Councillor Childs was informed that the 1930’s Art Deco column on the A23 would be given consideration in future for complimentary artwork near to it when there is more budget.


46.6 Councillor Rainey commented that public art is beneficial in many ways to the city and that the Public Art Strategy was a positive thing.


46.7 Councillor Osborne commented that the public art scene is prominent in Brighton including the murals, coloured houses, lighting next to the Brighton Station, and other visitor attractions, and asked if there was any resource in the Council to engage more with residents and have more briefings.


RESOLVED: That the Committee approved the Council’s Public Art Strategy which is attached as appendix one. Following approval, the strategy would be professionally designed.




47          Preparations for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee Celebrations


47.1 Giles Rossington introduced the report starting on page 151 of the Agenda.


47.2 Councillor Simson was informed that multiple beacons would be looked at in terms of the celebrations.


47.3 Stephanie Prior was informed that closing streets for parties could also encourage having less cars on the road for the day to help with carbon reductions.


47.4 Councillor Grimshaw was informed that:


·         The Queen’s Canopy initiative would be a good idea to plant more trees in the city’s parks and streets. The ETS Committee would also be looking at a program to plant trees in the correct spaces.

·         If there is any budget left over from the VE Celebrations this can be used for the Jubilee Celebrations.

·         There are more beacons to consider but the emphasis is on the Hove beacon, and that more details will be included in the next report.


47.5 Councillor Childs was informed that there are plans to get in touch with neighbouring authorities to get a royal navy ship to dock in Brighton for the day.


RESOLVED; That Committee agreed:


1. To note the national plans for The Queen’s Jubilee celebrations and note the work that the council has done so far in preparing for lighting the Hove Beacon;

2. That an update paper be brought back to TECC in early 2022, as currently events are still in the early stages of planning; and

3. That officers should explore opportunities to support other elements of Jubilee celebrations, such as tree-planting and support for street parties/community events and report back with suggestions for a Jubilee programme as part of the update paper.










48          Community Wealth Building Programme Update




That the Tourism, Equalities, Communities, and Culture Committee Agreed:


1. To Note the work programme that the Community Wealth Building Member Working Group will be undertaking, and that the Committee will receive an outcome report from the working group in Summer 2022.

2. To Note the findings of the Social Value Working Group established by the Asset Management Board and refers the report to Policy and Resources committee, and requests that the Community Wealth Building Member Working Group take forward looking at the issues raised.


That Policy & Resources Committee Agreed:


3. To Request that the Community Wealth Building Group and the Asset Management Board explore implementation of the findings where appropriate.




49          Infrastructure Delivery Plan Refresh


49.1 Simon Barrett introduced the report starting on page 171 of the Agenda.


49.2 Councillor Childs asked if Councillors could contribute to section 3.9, especially the libraries provision in Queen’s Park area, and the refurbishment of the Pepper Pot, and the 5 leisure hubs. Simon Barrett confirmed that he would take these away to clarify with other departments and contact Cllr Childs after the meeting.


49.3 Councillor Simson was informed that:


·         There is only 1 accessible railcar for the volks railway.

·         No site has been decided the for the East Brighton GP Practise.

·         Infrastructure is only taken off the plan when completed.


49.4 Councillor Osborne was informed that Simon Barrett would talk to Mark Wall regarding briefing for all committees about infrastructure projects and for ward members to look at their specific ward projects.


RESOLVED: That the Committee:


1. Approved the content of the refreshed Infrastructure Delivery Plan (Appendix A to this report); and


2. Approved the publication of the IDP on the council’s website subject to any minor alterations (grammatical, spelling or for clarity) to be agreed by the Head of Planning in consultation with the joint Chairs of TECC Committee.







50          Annual Infrastructure Funding Statement - 2020/21




51          Article 4 Direction - Changes of Use from Class E (commercial, business and service uses) to Class C3 (dwellinghouses).


51.1 Liz Hobden introduced the report starting on page 245 of the Agenda.


51.2 Councillor Simson commented that the map was difficult to read, and Liz Hobden confirmed that a colour map would be circulated to committee members.


51.3 Councillor Ebel thanked Steve Tremlett and Liz Hobden for their work on the report which protects local shopping parades from disappearing, which are vital for communities to thrive.


51.4 Councillor Childs was informed that the important local shopping parades are included in the direction.


51.5 Councillor Rainey raised that she was happy to see St James’ Street included in the direction.


51.6 Councillor Osborne commented that the direction is important to preserve tourism and culture in the city.


RESOLVED: That the Committee authorises the making of a non-immediate Direction under Article 4 of the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (England) Order 2015 (as amended) to remove the Class MA permitted development right for changes the use from Class E (commercial, business and service uses) to C3 (dwellinghouses) for the reasons outlined in this report.




52          Coldean - Designation of Neighbourhood Area and Neighbourhood Forum




53          Heritage Assets Register Options


53.1 Liz Hobden introduced the report starting on page 367 of the Agenda.


53.2 Councillor Grimshaw was informed that community groups can submit applications to the list of Heritage Assets, and there is a clear criteria of what counts, and that the Council wouldn’t intend to sell any Heritage Assets, and would offered to a museum if they were not repairable.


RESOLVED: That the Committee:


1. Notes the options for establishing a register of heritage assets owned by the council.


2. Agrees the preferred option for officers to prepare a Register of council-owned Heritage Assets (not including buildings) based on the list of current Listed Buildings and Local List against a timetable to be agreed in consultation with the Executive Director and joint Chairs. Further, for officers to ensure the lists are up to date; and officer leads (in each service) to ensure asset owning staff and contractors are aware of the importance of the assets.




54          Items referred for Full Council





The meeting concluded at 7.35pm







Dated this

day of