Policy & Resources (Recovery) Sub-Committee


4.00pm 22 July 2021


Hove Town Hall - Council Chamber



decision list



Part One





Equality and Access Workstream Update



Contact Officer:

Melinda King

Tel: 01273 292949


Ward Affected:

All Wards




RESOLVED: That the presentation be noted.







Brighton & Hove Contact Tracing Service



Contact Officer:

Edward Yeo

Tel: 29-4354


Ward Affected:

All Wards






(1)          That the creation of a Brighton & Hove Contact Tracing service as set out in the report be approved; and


(2)          That the allocation of £0.300m to fund the Brighton & Hove Contact Tracing Service from the 2021/22 Contain Outbreak Management Fund grant be approved.







Covid-19 Recovery & Renewal Programme Update



Contact Officer:

Julie Nicholls

Tel: 01273 291656


Ward Affected:

All Wards




RESOLVED: That the progress update report be noted.










Brighton Waterfront Project



Contact Officer:

Max Woodford

Tel: 012773 291666


Ward Affected:

All Wards






(1)         That the progress to-date in investigating potential masterplan options, with a view to the parties preparing their respective business plans and reporting back to the Policy & Resources Committee in January 2022 with a firm recommendation on development strategy and next steps be noted;


(2)         That the work being undertaken by officers to develop a specification, optimum capacity and financial business plan for the venue facility to inform future development strategy be noted; and


(3)         That the city council’s in principle support for the concept of a mixed-use regeneration of this key part of the city, which reintroduces a permeable, liveable street scene which aligns with planning policy whilst integrating conference and venue facilities with the retail heart of the city; in line with the principles at paragraph 3.4 of the report be confirmed.







Outdoor Events 2021/22 – Life Festival



Contact Officer:

Ian Shurrock

Tel: 01273 292084


Ward Affected:

All Wards






(1)          That in accordance with the government’s roadmap and associated guidance, landlord’s consent (subject to the execution of a formal agreement) for the LiFE Festival at Brighton Rugby Club, Waterhall for four weekends over the course of late July and August 2021 be granted; 

Landlord’s consent would subject to the actions detailed in paragraph 3.7 of the report being carried out. 


(2)          That it be noted that the final permission for events is being sought on the basis that step 4 of the government’s road map was reached on 19th July and the LiFE music event can take place within any remaining restrictions;


(3)          That officers be authorised to enter into formal agreements with the event organisers to determine conditions, fees and levels of support, as appropriate.









Parking Services Restructure Funding



Contact Officer:

Charles Field

Tel: 01273 293329


Ward Affected:

All Wards






(1)         That the funding of £770,000 for additional staff to work in the Traffic Control Centre from 2022/23 to be met from anticipated additional income be agreed; and


(2)         That the funding of the anticipated deficits of £320,000 in 2022/23 and 2023/24, if they materialise, from corporate reserves be agreed and that these will be repaid from anticipated surpluses in subsequent years.







Welcome Back Fund



Contact Officer:

Mark Croston

Tel: 01273 292571


Ward Affected:

All Wards




RESOLVED: That the Executive Director for Economy, Environment & Culture be granted delegated authority to allocate the remaining funding in accordance with the government’s eligibility criteria and in consultation with business representatives in line with the proposals set out in the report.