Brighton & Hove City Council




4.30pm25 May 2023


Council Chamber - BTH





Present:   Councillors Deane (Chair), O'Quinn (Deputy Chair), Atkinson, Bagaeen, Davis, Evans, Fishleigh, Fowler, Grimshaw, Hamilton, Meadows, McNair, Robins, Sankey, Shanks, West, Williams, Alexander, Allen, Asaduzzaman, Baghoth, Burden, Cattell, Czolak, Daniel, Gajjar, Galvin, Goddard, Goldsmith, Heliwell, Hewitt, Hill, Hogan, Loughran, Lyons, McGregor, Miller, Mistry, Muten, Nann, Oliveira, Pickett, Pumm, Robinson, Rowkins, Sheard, Simon, Stevens, Taylor, Thomson and Winder







1                Council Business


1.1         The Mayor welcomed everyone to the meeting and stated that she intended to invite the Group Leaders to introduce the newly elected councillors for their Groups in turn, who would then come forward so that she could receive them and invite them to take their seat in the Council Chamber. 


1.2         Councillors Sankey, Davis, and McNair then announced the new Members for the following wards:


Councillor Sankey introduced:


Councillor Alexander                       Coldean & Stanmer

Councillor Allen                                Woodingdean

Councillor Asaduzzaman               Hollingdean & Fiveways

Councillor Baghoth                          Hangleton & Knoll

Councillor Burden                            Queen's Park

Councillor Cattell                             Westbourne & Poets’ Corner

Councillor Czolak                             Brunswick & Adelaide

Councillor Daniel                             Central Hove

Councillor Gajjar                               Kemptown

Councillor Galvin                             Hanover & Elm Grove

Councillor Goddard                         Moulsecoomb & Bevendean

Councillor Helliwell                          North Portslade

Councillor Hewitt                              Hangleton & Knoll

Councillor Loughran                       Preston Park

Councillor McGregor                       Whitehawk & Marina

Councillor Miller                               Goldsmid

Councillor Mistry                              Queen's Park

Councillor Muten                              Goldsmid

Councillor Nann                               Wish

Councillor De Oliveira                     Hollingdean & Fiveways

Councillor Pumm                             Westbourne & Poets’ Corner

Councillor Robinson                        Central Hove

Councillor Rowkins                          Hanover & Elm Grove

Councillor Sheard                            Coldean & Stanmer

Councillor Simon                             Woodingdean

Councillor Stevens                          Brunswick & Adelaide

Councillor Taylor                              Moulsecoomb & Bevendean

Councillor Thomson                        Regency

Councillor Winder                            Hanover & Elm Grove


Councillor Davis introduced:


Councillor Chloë Goldsmith           Regency

Councillor Raphael Hill                   Round Hill

Councillor Ellen McLeay                 West Hill & North Laine

Councillor Kerry Pickett                   Preston Park



Councillor McNair introduced:


Councillor Emma Hogan                 Westdene & Hove Park

Councillor Ivan Lyons                     Westdene & Hove Park


1.3         The Mayor welcomed the newly elected Members to the Council and wished them well in their terms of office.


1.4         The Mayor stated that she wished to move a vote of thanks those previous councillors who had chosen not stand in the recent elections and to those past councillors who had not been re-elected on this occasion. In so doing she also wished to present a certificate of thanks in recognition of the service given by those previous councillors to the council, their respective wards and the city itself as listed below:


Carmen Appich

Vanessa Brown

Nick Childs

Marianna Ebel

Kate Knight

Anne Pissaridou

Dan Yates

Alex Philipps

Tom Druitt


1.5         The Mayor noted that the vote of thanks had been moved and sought confirmation from the council.


1.6         The vote of thanks was duly agreed and the following came forward to receive their certificate from the Mayor:


Carmen Appich, Vanessa Brown, Nick Childs, Marianna Ebel, Anne Pissaridou, Dan Yates, Alex Philipps, Tom Druitt




2                Declarations of Interest


2.1       There were no declarations of interests in matters appearing on the agenda.




The Mayor gave the following communications:


“Before I move on to the items as listed on the Agenda, I have two important matters to raise.


The first is to recognise the sad death of former Councillor and Mayor Brian Fitch. Brian Fitch was a long serving Labour Councillor on both Brighton Council and Brighton & Hove City Council. His political career spanned an incredible 40 years. He was a much respected former Mayor of Brighton and Mayor of Brighton & Hove, as well as an honorary Alderman of the City.


Our thoughts are with Brian’s family and friends and I would like us to stand and hold a minute’s since as a mark of respect and thanks for his long service to this City.


1 minute silence was observed


Thank you.


You will all be aware of the fantastic achievement of Brighton & Hove Albion Football Club this season, with them securing a slot in the Europa League next season, with another fantastic performance last night. This is a historic first for the club and also for the city.


The Albion has grown to become one of the top employers in the city and one of the most significant contributors to the economic growth of the area.


The global reach of the Premier league helps strengthen the city’s international profile and helps us to attract more visitors, who support our local businesses and help the city maintain its position as one of the most popular visitor destinations in the UK.


On behalf of the Council, my congratulations to the Albion for their incredible achievement. I understand that an appropriate civic event is being arranged to mark their success.”




3                Mayoral Report 2022/23


3.1       The Mayor formally moved that the report on the mayoral year 2022/23 be noted.


3.2       RESOLVED: That the report be noted.




4                Mayor's Thanks and Presentations


4.1         The Mayor stated that prior to the formal process of appointing the new Mayor, she wished to say a few words about her year in office and to acknowledge the support she had received.


“When I took up this office a year ago, I pledged that I would do my utmost to represent the city of Brighton & Hove well, and I hope that I have done so. I also said at the time that being the Mayor is not a ‘jolly’ and while it has been the most extraordinary and enjoyable year, it is certainly the case that the weight of responsibility rested on my shoulders on formal and auspicious occasions.


Ceremonial highlights included the annual delegation to Dieppe on the invitation of their mayor, to commemorate the Dieppe landings of 1943, which I attended along with the High Sheriff of East Sussex and other Mayors and Chairs from around the county. Being the 80th anniversary of the event, it was particularly poignant and special, and a huge honour for me to attend on behalf of Brighton & Hove.


As we are all too aware, the hardships of the pandemic were long and continue even to this day. Thankfully, the start of my year coincided with a relaxation of Covid rules, and Brighton & Hove was more than ready to party” Very early on, I had seven engagements on one day, when I opened the Brighton Fringe picnic event in Pavilion Gardens to mark the Queen’s platinum jubilee, followed by five street parties and a church service at St Nicks. Hitting the ground running like this rather set the trend for the year to come, as things started to happen again, and life got back to normal.


Last year saw the resurgence of many familiar landmark events across the city, and the many parades that had been sorely missed during Covid. I walked the length of the Pride parade on a blisteringly hot day in August, and nearly melted in the robes. But it was joyous, as was the Burning of the Clocks in December and the Children’s Parade just two weeks ago.


All in all, I attended more than 420 engagements over the year, and for each one I was determined that no event would be a tick box exercise. With every engagement I have undertaken I saw it as my role to ensure that my presence made a difference, and if I did not make people’s day at any engagement, I would not have fulfilled my job properly. I have been very much aware that the Mayoralty, as well as being a revered role, is also a truly democratic one.


During my year, I have met so many extraordinary individuals and organisations. I have seen so many examples of dedicated community service among our residents which has been truly humbling.


Throughout the year, I have been very aware and immensely proud that Brighton & Hove is a City of Sanctuary. One of my earliest engagements was to meet refugees and asylum seekers from Ukraine, Syria, and Afghanistan, to name, but three, and I’ve also been honoured to attend ceremonial events and celebrations with the Chinese community, Filipinos and Thai, as well as faith groups, including Jewish, Muslim, Baha’i, Buddhist and Interfaith.


While the role of Mayor is strictly civic and non-political, I couldn’t help it being particularly close to my heart when I took part in and supported green environmental projects, particularly at schools, such as Dorothy Stringer, when they officially opened a new butterfly bank, or officially revealed a plaque for one of 20 new wildflower meadow verges; and the launch of 100 nest boxes for the Save Our Starlings initiative.


I have had the most wonderful year and probably the best year of my life. I had obviously never had an experience such as this before, nor will I ever have it again. I really could not have done all this without the help and support of my wonderful team: Robbie, Minna and Elaine. So it is with immense pleasure that I would like to present them with these gifts as a token of my gratitude and thanks for everything that they have done to make my year, as smooth and enjoyable as it could possibly be.


I chose as my Chaplain Fr Dominic Keech from my local church, St Nicholas of Myra, whis is alth the mother Church of the city. Fr Dominic has been the most wonderful support, and I would like to show my gratitude to you, Fr Dominic for everything you have done for me over the past year.


Cllr Jackie O’Quinn has been a very supportive as Deputy Mayor, standing in for me on occasions when I have just wanted to clone myself. It is always immensely hard to have to turn down any engagement because of being already booked, but Jackie has been there when the need has arisen, including when I had Covid last July. Jackie, I would like to show my appreciation by presenting you with this bouquet of flowers.


And finally, I would like to give thanks to the most special person in my life, who has been my Consort throughout and that is Henry. Henry has not only been at my side for virtually every engagement, but he has also worked tirelessly to make every event special, always cheerful, always ready to talk to everyone, and making sure I’m standing in the right place for photos, and just generally being the heart and soul. Henry, you have helped so much to make my year, and you have truly earned your commemorative badge.


As I end my term of office, the city enters a new era. We have first majority council in 20 years, and residents will be looking for stability and prosperity for our city.


Some wonderful events are coming up which mark the city’s success, and which I hope will make Jackie’s year as memorable as mine. For one thing, Albion will be competing in the European Cup, and we will keep our fingers crossed for them.


Brighton & Hove have nominated by Municipal Journal, one of the most auspicious voices in local government, for a Leadership in Tackling Climate Change Award. And next year, 2024, marks the 10-year anniversary of Brighton & Hove gaining United Nations status as a UN Biosphere, the only Urban Biosphere in the UK, so this is a huge thing for our city. I feel sure there will be many celebrations if we gain renewed accreditation, which really puts Brighton & Hove, on the map. This is something our residents can be justifiably proud of.


It now just remains for me to thank everyone who has made this a truly memorable year. It has been an immense honour and privilege to serve Brighton & Hove as your Mayor, and it is a year I will never forget.”




5                Election of the Mayor of Brighton and Hove for the Municipal Year 2023/24


5.1         The Mayor invited nominations for the position of Mayor of Brighton & Hove for the municipal year 2023/24.


5.2         Councillor Jackie O’Quinn was proposed by Councillor Bella Sankey and seconded by Councillor Williams.


5.3         The Mayor declared that, there being no other nominations, Councillor Jackie O’Quinn had been duly elected Mayor of Brighton & Hove for the forthcoming municipal year 2023/24. 


5.4         The motion was agreed.


5.5         The Mayor then adjourned the meeting at 5.07pm in order for Councillor O’Quinn as the incoming Mayor to be robed and to take the Chair for the meeting.




6                Declaration of office, Acceptance Speech and Vote of thanks to the retiring Mayor


Councillor O’Quinn in the Chair


6.1         Councillor O’Quinn reconvened the meeting at 5.13pm and then made and signed her Declaration of Acceptance of Office.


6.2         The Mayor then thanked the Council for her appointment and gave the following speech;


“Ladies and gentlemen, Councillors, distinguished guests, family, and friends, I would like to say a heartfelt thank you to all of you for coming here today to see me inaugurated as Mayor.


I wish to thank Cllrs Bella Sankey and Gill Williams for nominating and supporting me and for their kind words, and to Cllrs Steve Davis and Samer Bagaeen for their good wishes. I’m also very grateful for the help and support from officers in helping me prepare for today and to my comrades in the Labour Group who have placed their faith in me to be a mayor who truly represents this fabulous city of Brighton and Hove.


I made my home in Brighton and Hove some 28 years ago and never imagined that I would one day become Mayor of the city that I had quite fallen in love with. What an honour and a privilege!  I loved, and still do, walking around the streets of Brighton and Hove and seeing all the stunning architecture from the Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian periods. So much to admire and be entranced by as so many others are that visit the city or live in it.


I also never imagined that I would be able to walk down the main streets or along the seafront and bump into friends and acquaintances – I thought that Brighton was too big for that, but I was wrong, it’s such friendly and welcoming city that you quickly feel at home here and as if you belong.


How lucky are we to live in this vibrant and dynamic city where the arts and culture thrive and are available at every turn thus securing us an international reputation for excellence in this area. The Brighton Festival, Fringe Festival and Pride attract hundreds of thousands of visitors to the city every year and help to create the sense of fun and of cultural diversity that we are so famous for.  The Open Houses during the Festival are also a huge hit with people who flock to see them, and also to have a good look inside other people’s houses. Fascinating!!!


It's not just the Arts and Culture either. We now have our amazingly talented football team, Brighton and Hove Albion, going into the EUFA Europa League.  This is a truly inspiring situation as Brighton and Hove Albion, formed in 1901, have never played in a European match before so it shows how far they have come along, especially since having their new home at the Amex, which only ever got built because of the persistence of local politicians and with the help of John Prescott.  So, huge congratulations to the team and their managers and I’d like to speak for the city in saying how incredibly proud we are of them.


Another one of the aspects of Brighton that is to be much admired is the extraordinary number of active, committed, diverse and highly focused voluntary groups and charities that exist in the city and how closely many of them work with the local council.  This speaks of the great sense of community that exists in the city and people’s commitment to helping others.


This brings me to the charities I have chosen to be my Mayor’s Charities:


The RSPCA – based at Patcham – a well-known and much-loved charity


RISE – again, a well-known and strongly supported charity in it’s work against domestic violence and support of those who have suffered such violence.

Impact Initiatives – a local charity with varied services aimed at supporting a wide range of people and emphasising well-being and the ability to lead fulfilling lives


Together Co – a loneliness charity for people of all ages which aims to change lives through befriending and volunteering.


I am looking forward to working with these charities and I do hope that you too will support them in the coming year, but I will also support as many others as I am able to by attending their events and raising their profile.  I would like to also support any clubs or associations that wish to hold events and to support local business’s as I recognise how tough these times are for them, especially due to high inflation and the long-term impacts of Covid.


I am delighted that Peter Wells from the Inter Faith Contact Group has agreed to act as my Chaplain for the year. For me this is the perfect choice and I look forward to working with him regarding prayers at Full Council.


I am also delighted that my daughter, Rachael, is joining me as my Consort during my Mayoral year.  She is smart, sassy and has a great sense of occasion so I have no doubt that she will be an asset both to myself as Mayor and to the city of Brighton and Hove. I would like to thank her for agreeing to this role and ask her to come forward to be presented with her badge of office.


I want to end by congratulating Councillor Lizzie Deane for her year as Mayor.  Lizzie has been an exceptional Mayor and has worked hard to develop and promote the role of the mayor thereby adding considerable prestige to it.  I’d like to wish her all the best.


I will, of course, be working hard to raise the profile of the Mayor too as I believe that the role is very important for the city and especially relevant in these challenging times.  We need events and activities to celebrate our wonderful city!”


6.3         The Mayor invited Councillor Davis to move a vote of thanks for the previous Mayor, Councillor Lizzie Deane.


6.4         Councillor McNair moved a vote of thanks to Councillor Deane as the retiring Mayor for her services during her term of office.


6.5         Councillor West formally seconded the motion and this was supported by Councillors McNair and Sankey.


6.6         The Mayor put the motion to the vote.


6.7         The motion was carried.


6.8         The Mayor presented Councillor Deane with a commemorative badge in recognition of her year of office.




7                Appointment of the Deputy Mayor for Brighton and Hove for the Municipal Year 2023/24


7.1         The Mayor invited nominations for the position of Deputy Mayor for the forthcoming municipal year 2023/24. 


7.2         Councillor Asaduzzaman was proposed by Councillor Baghoth and seconded by Councillor Robins.


7.3         Councillors Bagaeen proposed himself and this was seconded by Councillor Meadows.


7.4         The Mayor put the nominations to the vote and it was carried that Councillor Asaduzzaman be appointed as Deputy Mayor for Brighton and Hove for the municipal year 2023/23.


7.5         Councillor Asaduzzaman made and signed his Declaration of Acceptance of Office as Deputy Mayor and was presented with his badge of office by the Mayor.




8Appointment of the Leader of the Council for 2023/24


8.1         The Mayor invited Councillor Hamilton to propose the appointment of the Leader of the Council.


8.2         Councillor Hamilton proposed that Councillor Sankey should be appointed as the Leader of the Council for the municipal year 2023/24.


8.3         Councillor Williams formally seconded the proposal.


8.4         The Mayor noted that there were no other nominations and put the motion to the vote which was agreed.


8.5         RESOLVED: That Councillor Sankey be appointed as the Leader of the Council for 2023/24.


8.6         The Mayor then invited Councillor Sankey to address the council.


8.7         Councillor Sankey thanked Councillors Hamilton and Williams for their nomination. She paid tributes to her ward predecessor the late Councillor Peltzer-Dunn who she stated was a dedicated and decent public servant who gave over 50 years of service to the city of Brighton & Hove and to recently deceased former Mayor Brian Fitch who served the city for most of his life with humour and flair. She thanked residents of wish ward who had put their faith and confidence in her. She stated that she was born in the city in the early 1980s at the maternity ward at Sussex County, a ward her dad who was of Irish/Nigerian descent helped to build whilst a student in the city. She now had an opportunity to give something back and was proud to be elected as part of the most diverse set of councillors that the city had ever known. She described her love for the city adding that whether born in the city or having moved there, Brighton & Hove was a place to fall in love with, a big-hearted city with a pioneering history and a global reputation for creativity, excellence, compassion, fairness, and fun. Whist certain it was the best place in the world to be she was equally certain that the city had not yet reached its full potential. Stagnation and drift had been the hallmark of recent decades and the city looked the worse for it also, compounded by national and global challenges. Further that, Brighton & Hove was one city with many faces and many voices, that by working together harnessing our best ideas and opportunities the Council can create a city less divided, fairer, more peaceful, and more equal.




9                Council Appointments 2023/24


9.1         The Mayor moved that for the municipal year 2023/24 the following appointments be agreed:


(i)        Joint Deputy Leaders of the Council, Councillor Gill Williams and Jacob Taylor; and


(ii)       Leader of the Official Opposition, Councillor Steve Davis.


9.2         The Mayor also moved that for the municipal year 2019/2020 the following appointments to the positions as agreed by the various Groups represented on the Council be noted:


(i)        Leader of the Labour Group -

         Councillor Bella Sankey;


(ii)       Deputy Leaders of the Labour Group -

         Councillors Gill Williams and Jacob Taylor;


(iii)      Convenor of the Green Group –

         Councillor Steve Davis;


(iv)     Deputy Convenors of the Green Group –

Councillors Sue Shanks and Pete West


(v)      Leader of the Conservative Group -

         Councillor Alistair McNair;


(vi)     Deputy Leaders of the Conservative Group –

         Councillors Anne Meadows and Carol Theobald


9.3         The motion was carried.




10             Review of Political Balance and Appointment of Committees and Outside Bodies 2023/24


10.1      The Mayor moved the recommendations as listed in the report of the Chief Executive which had been circulated as part of the addendum papers.


10.2      RESOLVED:


(1)          That the Council agrees the four Committees with their terms of reference as set out in Appendix 1 to replace the Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee and the Tourism, Equalities, Communities and Culture Committee with immediate effect;


(2)          That the Council delegates power to the Chief Executive and the Executive Director for Governance, People and Resources, after consultation with the Leader and the Chair of the relevant Committee, to determine the frequency of the meetings and the meeting dates for the Committees set out at Appendix 1;


(3)          That the Council appoints/re-appoints its Committees with the sizes and allocation of seats between political groups as set out in Appendix 2 to the report;


(4)          That having received nominations to the Committees, Sub-Committees, Joint Committees and Area Panels, as detailed in Appendix 3 to the report, such nominations be agreed, and the Committee places filled accordingly;


(5)          That those Members listed as Chair, Deputy Chair and Opposition Spokesperson of the respective Committees and Sub- Committees in Appendix 3 be appointed to those positions;


(6)          That an Urgency Sub-Committee for each Committee be appointed, by that Committee, in accordance with Procedure Rule 22, such Committee being politically balanced but not to be included in the total number of seats for the purpose of allocating seats;


(7)          That having regard to 2.3. above, it be agreed that for the purpose of enabling meetings of the Personnel Sub-Committee Appeals Panel and Licensing Panels to be convened without disproportionate difficulty, the make-up of such panels need not be politically proportionate, and the Council further agrees:


(i)        Although the Panels have the Members referred to in Appendix 2 as their standing Members, the Council agrees that, where any of the 3 Members are not available:-

(a)       any Member of the Council who has received appropriate training shall be eligible to sit on the Personnel Appeal Panel; and

(b)       any Member of the Licensing Committee who has received the appropriate training shall be eligible to sit on the Licensing Panel

(ii)        That the Head of Democratic Services be authorised to set up the Panel(s) as and when needed with the permanent Members or, where any of them is not available, by including any other eligible Member of the Council or Committee as appropriate;


(iii)       The arrangements in this report are intended to operate as "alternative arrangements" pursuant to section 17 of the Local Government & Housing Act 1989 and Regulation 20 of the Local Government (Committees and Political Groups) Regulations 1990.


(8)          That Council appoints Members/representatives to Outside Bodies and Partnerships as listed in Appendix 4 to the report;


(9)          That the Lead Members’ roles and designated Members listed against those roles as detailed in Appendix 5 to the report be noted;


(10)       That the Chief Executive and Executive Director, Governance, People & Resources be authorised to take all steps necessary or incidental to the implementation of the recommendations in this report and that the Executive Director Governance, People & Resources be authorised to amend and republish the Council’s constitutional documents to incorporate the changes.




11             Close of Meeting





The meeting concluded at 5.56pm





Dated this

day of