Greater Brighton Economic Board


10.00am 18 October 2022


QEII Room, Shoreham Centre, BN43 5WU



decision list



Part One





Economic Outlook for Greater Brighton



1)           That the Board acknowledges the need for a deep-dive into the Greater Brighton economy, so as to understand the sectors and geographic areas that are likely to be most impacted.


2)           That the Board agrees that due to the pressing need to act, the report will be circulated when ready even if this is outside of the usual Board cycle.


3)           That the Board supports the #BusinessSOS campaign submitted by the 300 BIDS asking Government for an urgent package of support for businesses.






Greater Brighton Retrofit Taskforce



1)            That the Board notes the research has proven the original concept that Council budgets taken together with Government and Supply Chain collaboration is the optimal way to deliver a medium to long term plan for zero carbon council homes, and that there is a trade-off between carbon, capital spend, and cost to occupier.


2)            That the Board given the context of the cost-of-living crisis agrees that a programme to target fuel costs at the same time as developing the supply chain forms the early part of a programme roll out.


3)            To Board agrees to further develop the zero-carbon business case with a view to submit a joint proposal to Government/BEIS to trial an approach in the Sussex area.


4)            That the Board agrees with the aim to submit a joint bid for grants to trial the collaborative working of the Board. This will lay the foundation and provide the potential for rapid future expansion. The bid will be an aggregated pipeline with individual authority control.


5)            That the Board agrees to explore the best procurement option for delivering the zero-carbon works, and notes that Clear Futures (a joint venture between Lewes and Eastbourne Councils, AECOM and Robertson Construction) could be one such option to consider.






Greater Brighton 10 Pledges Annual Update



Ward Affected:

All Wards




1)            That the Board notes the progress demonstrated on the 10 Pledges on the Environment since October 2021.


2)            That the Board supports the actions needed to take the Pledges forward in the next year to October 2023.


3)            That the Board agrees that the GB10 pledges work and monitoring progress should be included in the Transition to Net Zero Action plan (agreed at the July 2022 meeting).






Greater Brighton Investment Programme Update



Ward Affected:

All Wards




1)            That the Board note the report.