Brighton & Hove City Council


Health & Wellbeing Board


4.00pm18 July 2023


Council Chamber, Hove Town Hall






Councillors: Oliveira (Chair), Burden, Galvin and West


NHS Members: Lola Banjoko (Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation

Trust), Andy Jones (NHS Sussex) and Peter Lane (University Hospitals Sussex

NHS Foundation Trust)


Non-Voting Members: Alan Boyd (Healthwatch Brighton & Hove), Annie Callanan

(Brighton & Hove Safeguarding Adults Board), Jessica Sumner (Community & Voluntary Sector Representative), Tom Lambert (Community & Voluntary Sector Representative), Will Tuckley (BHCC Interim Chief Executive), Rob Persey (BHCC Executive Director Health & Adult Social Care) and Alistair Hill (Director of Public Health)







1             Declarations of substitutes and interests and exclusions


            a) Declarations of Substitutes


1.1       Cllr Hogan sent apologies and there were no declarations of substitutes.


            b) Declarations of Interest


1.2       Will Tuckley advised he was a Non-Executive Director of Lewisham and Greenwich             Hospital Trust.


1.3       The chair advised his wife works for the ICS Mental Health, NHS.


            (c) Exclusion of Press and Public


1.4       There were no Part Two Items and so the press and public were not excluded from the             meeting.




2             Minutes


2.1       RESOLVED: That the minutes of the meeting held on 7 March 2023 and the minutes of             the special meeting held on 28 June 2023 were agreed as a correct record.




3             Chair's Communications


3.1       The chair delivered the following communications:


            Baton of Hope


            On Wednesday 5 July, the UK’s biggest suicide prevention initiative, the Baton of Hope,             stopped in Brighton & Hove as part of its 12-day tour of the UK. 90 local volunteers             carried the baton along the route, and many shared their experiences of how they had    been impacted by suicide and many moving stories of hope. Among the speakers were            Cllr Andrei Czolak and the mayor, Cllr Jackie O’Quinn.


            Events also highlighted the support available and the need to break down stigma around             mental health and get people talking about it so that everyone can feel comfortable             discussing their struggles and can seek help without fear of judgement.




            Also on 5 July, landmarks including the town halls, the pier, the pavilion, the Brighton             Centre and the Mazda Fountain were lit up blue to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the             NHS. 


            The day was also used to launch the long-term plan for health and care in Sussex. Our Plan for the Population sets out how Sussex Health and Care partners will improve the            lives of local people and support them to live longer and have access to the best   possible services when they need them. 


            The NHS Sussex ‘Let’s Talk’ team were out and about visiting local             communities,             networks, and groups around Sussex to share the plan, and talk with people about the             difference it will make to health and care.  


            Zero HIV Stigma Action Day


On Friday 21 July, we are holding the first zero HIV Stigma Day of Action in Jubilee Square to help raise awareness about HIV stigma and for everyone to learn about ways to help stop it. There are activities throughout the afternoon and opportunities to talk to people living with HIV or those working in HIV prevention or support to learn more. Then from 5:15pm there will be music from the rainbow chorus and a chance to hear about the experience of different people living with HIV, as well as from leaders and representatives from local organisations. I will be there speaking in the evening, and I hope you will join me.


Almost 75% of people living with HIV in the UK report experiences of discrimination because of their HIV status in social, healthcare, workplace, and community settings. HIV stigma prevents people coming forward for testing and treatment. Understanding and combatting HIV stigma is everyone’s responsibility, and we want to reach as many people as possible so we can achieve zero HIV stigma, and no new cases of HIV.




4             Call Over


4.1       All items were reserved for discussion.




5             Formal Public Involvement


5.1       There were no petitions, written questions or deputations.




6             Formal Member Involvement


6.1       There were no petitions, written questions, letters or notices of motion.




7             Items referred from Council


7.1       There were no items referred from the last full council meeting.




8             Sport & Physical Activity Presentation


8.1       The Healthy Lifestyles Manager, Consultant in Public Health and Active for Life    Manager introduced the presentation which provided the Board with an update on sport      and physical activity in the city.


8.2       Jessica Sumner queried if maps with different sources of activity were available for the   city.


8.3       Cllr West raised points regarding the continuation of the downtrend of activity levels pre-            pandemic, the health benefits of physical activity, the cost and availability of sports and             recreational activities, the water quality of the sea as a deterrence for residents in             utilising the city’s blue spaces, how to encourage people to be more active when they     can’t afford to and the importance of active travel and how we can better invest in it.


8.4       Alistair Hill requested that the emphasis on geography came through in the final   strategy.


8.5       Rob Persey queried if being a coastal city was a positive or neutral factor in promoting             physical activity and whether the city’s blue spaces were being optimised.


8.6       Alan Boyd raised points about the heat map, recognising the needs of different             communities, under 16-year-olds not being active enough and addressing physical and             mental health as a priority for young people.


8.7       Will Tuckley underpinned the importance of a system approach and stated that there      was a strong case for targeted approach to physical health, addressing barriers and    reversing the distribution of investment.




9             Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) Review


9.1       The Head of Public Health Intelligence introduced the report which summarised the             review and set out the proposed recommendations for the development of the JSNA       and the proposed three-year JSNA programme of needs assessments for 2023/24 to 2025/26.


9.2       Cllr Burden raised points about mental health, neurodiversity and the lack of cost-of-            living data in the report and raised concerns regarding people falling out-with the reach of services.


9.3       Cllr West raised questions regarding the stakeholder feedback, levels of participation      and a lack of information on the process and rationale behind the identified priorities and       highlighted the importance of marketing to improve engagement.


9.4       Tom Lambert suggested broadening the scope to 14 years old and upwards and             underpinned the importance of targeting children transitioning from children to adults             services.


9.5       Jessica Sumner recognised the collaborative nature of the work and how it enabled             voices to come through that may not otherwise have been heard.


9.6       Alistair Hill highlighted the potential of the JSNA as an asset and valuable resource for   the city.


9.7       Annie Callanan recommended that officers reviewed serious adult reviews in terms of             transition from child in care, adults living on the streets and drugs and alcohol and             highlighted research that had been undertaken at the Dartington Institute which focused             on transitions and chartered the economic cost of children in care.


9.8       RESOLVED: That the Board –

      i.        Approved the proposed recommendations for JSNA development over the next three years (Section 5.1 and Appendix 3).

    ii.        Approved the proposed three-year JSNA programme of needs assessments for 2023/24 to 2025/26 (Sections 6.4-6.5 and Appendix 5).




10          Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy – Outcome Measures Update


10.1    The Consultant in Public Health introduced the report which provided a brief overview of             the Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy and offered a routine update on the outcome             measures, including how the measures were agreed.


10.2    Cllr West queried the reasons behind the worsening trend for children in the ‘Starting      Well’ table and what the best measures were to address it. 


10.3    Jessica Sumner acknowledged the difficulties with trend data and stated that logically it             made sense to focus on ‘Starting Well’ but queried if the most problematic ‘well’ should be tackled first to allow more time to act on it.


10.4    Alan Boyd sought clarification regarding the rationale in choosing the measures in the             tables and queried the worsening trend in HIV testing coverage despite the city having   wide testing availability.


10.5    Cllr Burden queried if children using disposable and illegal vapes was being looked at.     


10.6    Lola Banjoko advised that in terms of HIV testing, as a city, we were doing well but             considerations needed to be given to how the data was presented.


10.7    Alistair Hill raised points about child obesity and local data on vaping and highlighted the             importance of a deeper dive to agree which ‘well’ to focus on first so the Board could      bring together a richer discussion and consider whether the response was sufficient.


10.8    RESOLVED: That the Board –

      i.        Noted the current status of the Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy outcome measures.

    ii.        Agreed the approach supported in a previous Health and Wellbeing Board for regular updates by ‘Well’ area to support a more integrated city-wide understanding of the outcomes and the action in place to improve them.




11          SAB Annual Update 2022-23


11.1    The Independent Chair of the Brighton and Hove Safeguarding Adults Board introduced             the report which detailed the work carried out during 2022-23 to improve services for             vulnerable people in Brighton and Hove during a period of continued challenge for both the Board and partner agencies.


11.2    Cllr West requested examples of serious adult reviews that led to an improvement in the             support that was given either to the individual that was considered or for people with             shared vulnerabilities.


11.3    Alan Boyd commended the report, the work of the Safeguarding Adults Board and the             commitment from those involved across the city.




12          Better Care Fund 2023-25


12.1    The BHCC Executive Director Health & Adult Social Care and Andy Jones             introduced the report which provided the Board with an overview of the Brighton and   Hove 2023/25 Better Care Fund (BCF) planning submission.


12.2    Jessica raised points regarding social prescribing techniques and the wording in paragraph 8.6 not highlighting the purpose of the work.


12.3    Cllr West queried if the NHS minimum contribution to the BCF was a cut in real terms     due to inflation and if so, what was the impact on what could be afforded.


12.4    RESOLVED: That the Board –

      i.        Noted the planning submission for the 2023-25 Better Care Fund as set out in Appendix 1.

    ii.        Authorised the Executive Director of Health and Adult Social Care and the Executive Managing Director, Brighton & Hove, NHS Sussex to finalise and enter into a Section 75 Partnership Agreement for the commissioning of health and social care services from the Brighton & Hove Better Care Fund to cover the period April 2023 to March 2025, reflecting the 2023-25 funding allocations and associated plan as set out in the report.




13          Healthwatch Brighton & Hove Annual Report Presentation


13.1    The Chief Executive of Healthwatch Brighton & Hove introduced the report which             provided an update on the recent work of Healthwatch as well as their achievements      and future priorities.


13.2    Tom Lambert queried how the formation of the ICS had impacted Healthwatch’s work, if             it had encouraged closer working with Healthwatch in East and West Sussex and             whether more Pan-Sussex consultations were being undertaken.


13.3    Jessica Sumner highlighted the importance of Healthwatch’s collaborative working and the value of its trusted methodology in amplifying the voice of patients and bringing the         collective community experience together.


13.4    Cllr West thanked Healthwatch for their work and recognised the quality of the report      and the supportive endorsements.


13.5    Rob Persey underpinned the role of Healthwatch in challenging the Council and holding             them to account in a professional, constructive and challenging way.




14          Items referred for Council


            14.1    No items were referred to the next meeting of Council.





The meeting concluded at 6.20pm