Equalities, Community Safety & Human Rights Committee


4.00pm 11 July 2023


Council Chamber - BTH


decision list






Constitutional Matters





1. That the committee’s terms of reference, as set out in Appendix A to this report, be noted; and


2. That the committee agrees to establish an Urgency Sub-Committee consisting of the Chair of the Committee and two other Members (nominated in accordance with the scheme for the allocation of seats for committees), to exercise its powers in relation to matters of urgency, on which it is necessary to make a decision before the next ordinary meeting of the Committee.






Domestic Abuse Act New Burdens Funding Allocation





1. That Committee noted the Government allocation for Domestic Abuse Act New Burdens Funds of £620,128 for 2023/24 and £631,828 for 2024/25.


2. That Committee agreed to allocate the 2023/24 award to the services and administrative functions for a further year as set out in paragraphs 5.1, 5.2 and Table 1 of this report.


3. That Committee noted that a further report will be brought with recommendations for spend for the 2024/25 allocation.






Accessible City Strategy 2023-2028





1. That committee recommends the Accessible City Strategy for approval to the Strategy, Finance and City Regeneration Committee.





NB The above decisions will be implemented after close of business on 11/07/2023 unless they are called in.</TITLE_ONLY_SUBNUMBER_LAYOUT_SECTION>