Transport & Sustainability Committee


4.00pm 6 July 2023


Council Chamber, Hove Town Hall



decision list



Part One





Constitutional Matters: Transport & Sustainability Committee



Contact Officer:

John Peel

Tel: 01273 291058


Ward Affected:

All Wards




1)            That the committee’s terms of reference, as set out in Appendix 1 to this report, be noted; and


2)            That the committee agrees to establish an Urgency Sub-Committee consisting of the Chair of the Committee and two other Members (nominated in accordance with the scheme for the allocation of seats for committees), to exercise its powers in relation to matters of urgency, on which it is necessary to make a decision before the next ordinary meeting of the Committee.






Cycle Hangars - Review and Recommendations for Future Management



Contact Officer:

Tracy Beverley

Tel: 01273 292813


Ward Affected:

All Wards




1)           That Committee agrees to note the report and existing installation programme to complete the Cycle Hangar Scheme.


2)           That Committee agrees for officers to negotiate a further two-year contract  to enable a full financial evaluation and preparation of a Business Case to    enable determination of alternative delivery models. See section 4 for further details.


3)           That Members agree for a further report to come back to this Committee updating on progress with the scheme and with full details of any further financial implications and proposals for going forward.






Rottingdean High Street AQMA project



Contact Officer:

Matthew Thompson

Tel: 01273 293705


Ward Affected:

Rottingdean & West Saltdean




1)           That the Committee delegates authority to officers to remove and store the planter following a four-week period of traffic counts on Steyning Road ending on 22 July 2023.


2)           That the Committee delegates authority to officers to conduct a follow up four-week traffic count on Steyning Road beginning on Monday 04 September 2023.


3)           That the Committee delegates authority to officers to decide whether the planter will be reinstated based on air quality and traffic counter results.






Parking Scheme Update Report



Contact Officer:

Catherine Dignan

Tel: 01273 292235


Ward Affected:

Moulsecoomb & Bevendean




1)           That the Committee having taken account of all duly made representations and comments, agrees there will be no change to the days and times of operation in Zone U (Coombe Road area).


2)           That the Committee having taken account of all duly made representations and comments, agrees to proceed to the next stage of the detailed design for the Southall Avenue. This will consist of a consultation to join the existing light touch parking scheme Zone U (Coombe Road area).






School Streets - ETROs



Ward Affected:

Preston Park; Queen's Park




1)           That the Committee, having taken account of all duly made comments and representations, as detailed at Appendix 1, agrees that the provisions of ETRO-27-2022 (Downs Junior School) is to be made permanent.