Authority to Enter into a Sub-lease for a Medium Support Service for H&ASC Clients

Date of Meeting:

29 March 2018

Report of:

Rob Persey,  Executive Director of Health & Adult Social Care

Contact Officer:


Emily Ashmore/Jenny Knight


01273 292520 / 293081




Ward(s) affected:

St. Peter’s and North Laine







1.1         The report requests authority to enter into a sub-lease for an identified  ten unit block of flats between Brighton & Hove City Council and Brighton YMCA (“BYMCA”)


1.2         The granting of the lease will allow the establishment of a ten bed unit for use as a medium supported accommodation service for clients placed by Health & Adult Social Care in discharge of accommodation duties owed under the Care Act 2014.


2.         RECOMMENDATIONS:    


2.1         That authority is granted for a sub-lease between Brighton & Hove City Council and BYMCA in accordance with the attached Heads of Terms.




3.1         In the last four years there has been a significant increase in homelessness which has resulted in an increase in;


·         Referrals to supported housing, causing increased waiting times and difficulties for service users in accessing this declining resource.

·         Increased numbers of patients unable to leave hospital when they are medically fit due to a lack of appropriate accommodation.

·         Numbers of clients in residential accommodation who are ready to step down to lower support but are unable to access suitable alternative accommodation.

·         Referrals to Health & Adult Social Care by Housing services using s213 of the Housing Act 1996, this section of the Housing Act requires Social Care partners to assist with the discharge of housing duties under the Housing and Homelessness Acts. The increase in these referrals has led to an increase in H&ASC making placements into private bed and breakfast accommodation.

·         Increase of referrals from Housing to ASC where a client is not owed a housing duty but has needs that meet the threshold for accommodation under the Care Act 2014. This has also led to an increase in ASC making placements into private bed and breakfast accommodation.

            These issues have resulted in increased costs to the Community Care budget      and clients being placed or remaining in accommodation unsuitable for their      needs.

3.2         Within this cohort of service users (primarily in high cost private bed and                 breakfasts) we have a small but significant group who are hard to place with no current accommodation available which suits their needs.  These service users needs cannot be met in emergency or temporary accommodation provided by Housing. They are not eligible for residential care and they are not suitable for mainstream supported housing.  These clients regularly fall out of accommodation resulting in crisis   management and multiple high cost short term placements.

3.3         In September 2017 Housing Acquisitions leased a ten flat block of housing from Sanctuary Housing. This block was previously used as supported housing and has ten self-contained flats and an office. The weekly rent on each unit is £172.00.  The maximum housing benefit available to Brighton & Hove City Council on these flats is £150 per week. This is not sufficient to meet the rental costs and housing management costs of the property.


3.4         Health & Adult Social Care Commissioning propose to sub-lease the building to Brighton YMCA who can claim enhanced rates of housing benefit making the provision of ten self-contained medium support units financially viable.


3.5         The sub-lease will extend until the end of the Brighton YMCA medium supported accommodation contract which is in place until September 2021.  There will be a break clause in the lease should either party wish to end the agreement.


3.6         The repair duties under the terms of the lease are to be agreed but Brighton YMCA will be expected to have responsibility for internal repairs.


3.7         Health & Adult Social Care will fund the support provided by Brighton YMCA creating a budget saving of approximately £60,000 on the current spot placement arrangements.


3.8         Brighton YMCA currently provide a range of services for homeless adults with support needs in Brighton & Hove.  They have recently been awarded contracts for high and medium supported accommodation within the city following a competitive tender process.  The provision of this 10 unit medium supported accommodation service will be added to their existing contract with Health & Adult Social Care in line with procurement regulations.


3.9         The delivery of this supported accommodation service will be monitored by Health & Adult Social Care Commissioning to ensure the delivery of a support service which is well managed, delivers good outcomes and meets the needs of service users.




4.1         There are no other accommodation options available to this cohort other than the current high cost spot purchase bed and breakfast placements.


4.2         Maintaining the current arrangement of bed and breakfast placements is not considered appropriate.  The current arrangement does not represent value for money, and does not provide adequate and good quality support to vulnerable service users.  


4.3         Provision of this service will result in a budget saving of approximately £60,000 per annum compared to the current arrangements.


4.4         Provision of this service will offer improved outcomes for this cohort offering support from a known provider and self-contained accommodation of good quality.




5.1         Community Engagement has taken place with various groups during the development of the service.


5.2         External partners engaged include;

·         Housing Association partners in the area

·         Healthcare providers in the area

·         Local residents have had a briefing provided to their local community newsletter


5.3         Internal partners engaged include;

·         H&ASC teams who provided information on gaps in provision and the level of support they could offer and feedback on the draft service specification.

·         Community Safety Team who fed back on the location

·         Local Councillors for the ward who have expressed support





6.         CONCLUSION


6.1         That Committee grant permission for BHCC to enter into a sub-lease with Brighton YMCA for this ten unit block of accommodation within St Peter’s and North Laine Ward.




            Financial Implications:


7.1         Entering into a sub-lease as outlined in the report would create a saving to the Council through reduced rent costs compared to the current provision. Any additional care packages required would need to be considered alongside this and will impact on the savings made.


            Finance Officer Consulted:     Sophie Warburton                        Date: 06/03/2018


Legal Implications:


7.2         The proposed lease of the property is for an annual rent of £89,401.52 and a term of 5 years.  This exceeds the Part 6 delegations and Committee consent is therefore required to proceed. 


            Lawyer Consulted:                   Name Oliver Asha                        Date: 23/02/2018



Equalities Implications:


7.3         This service will provide improved support and accommodation for ten vulnerable individuals currently placed in accommodation which does not meet their needs.


7.4         An Equalities Impact Assessment has been carried out. HASC12  and no negative impact issues were identified


Sustainability Implications:


7.5         None


Any Other Significant Implications:


Crime & Disorder Implications:


7.6         There are no anticipated crime and disorder implications from the subleasing of this accommodation.


      Public Health Implications:


7.7         This service links with a number of the cities priorities for health and wellbeing;


·           Enable all children, young people and adults to maximise their capabilities and have control over their lives


§  By providing vulnerable adults with effective support to meet their vulnerabilities, and engage effectively with services they will be enabled to increase their life chances.


·         Create and develop healthy and sustainable places and communities


§  Providing secure sustainable accommodation to vulnerable adults where their support needs can be met will assist in the development of sustainable places and communities.


·         Ensure healthy standard of living for all


§  Effective engagement with support and health and adult social care will improve clients’ healthy standard of living.


Corporate / Citywide Implications:


7.8      This service links with a number of the cities corporate priorities;

·           Health & wellbeing – the establishment of the service will enable us to better support and connect clients to health and wellbeing services. Provision of suitable good quality accommodation will improve the health and wellbeing of clients.

·           Community safety & resilience - by improving the life outcomes of vulnerable clients, ensuring they live in suitably staffed and managed environments there will be an improvement to community safety and resilience.







1.         Heads of Terms



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1.         Equalities Impact Assessment HASC12



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