Corporate Plan 202-2023 – Extract from the proceedings of the Policy & Resources Committee meeting held on the 5 December 2010

Date of Meeting:

19 December 2019

Report of:

Executive Lead Strategy Governance & Law    

Contact Officer:


Lisa Johnson


01273 291228



Wards Affected:



            For general release



Action Required of the Council:

To receive the item referred from the Policy & Resources Committee for approval:


That Full Council approve the draft Corporate Plan 2020-2023

Brighton & Hove City Council


Policy & Resources Committee


4.00pm5 December 2019


brighton Town Hall - Council Chamber





Present:   Councillors: Platts (Chair), Yates (Deputy Chair), Mac Cafferty (Opposition Spokesperson), Mears (Group Spokesperson), Allcock, Clare, Gibson, Moonan, Shanks and Simson








87       Corporate plan 2020-2023


87.1 The Committee considered the report of the Executive Lead Strategy Governance & Law regarding the draft Corporate Plan 2020-23 which is part of the Council's Policy Framework.


87.2 The Chief Executive said that the current Corporate Plan ran out in March 2019 and so it was time for a new one to be produced. It was important for any organisation to have a plan to reflect any changes in the world, and the needs and expectations of residents and service users. In May 2019 we had local elections and a result half of the current Councillors are new, and they have brought in fresh thinking and new ambitions and the plan reflected their views. The Council surveyed staff on a regular basis and one of the things that had come out of that was that they wanted clear direction from the leadership, and it was important that they understood what the Council would do.  A Corporate Plan is also welcomed by stakeholders in the city and partners the Authority worked with to understand what the priorities were.


87.3 Councillor Gibson welcomed the Plan but suggested that some of the actions could be more specific and measurable. He referred to page 26 of the Plan and the section on Measuring Progress and said it would be useful to signpost the fact that progress on the housing goals would be reported to every other Housing Committee meeting.  He referred to page 9 of the Plan and noted that it said that there were ‘197 newly developed rented council homes with 500 more in the pipeline’, but it didn’t say how long that had taken and he suggested that the Plan could be clearer on timescales and to say how many homes there were per year and over what period of time. The same page also said that the Council had ‘helped bring 125 properties back into use between April and December 2018’ and he thought that it would be better to give the amount for the year.


87.4 Councillor Allcock welcomed the Plan which showed the corporate direction and met the three big challenges which were the climate emergency, homelessness and the need to build community wealth. It set out the six long term outcomes which the Council wanted to focus on. He said that the Plan had been developed with the Green Group and reflected key aspects of both group’s manifestos and what people in the City wanted. The Plan set out the Council’s priorities and direction of travel for the next three years and was a key part of the Council’s budget. Officers would be working on key performance indicators, and progress would be monitored by the relevant committees.


87.5    RESOLVED: That the Committee approves the draft corporate plan 2020-2023 for submission to full Council for final agreement on 19 December 2019.