Notice of Motion



nhs health and social care decision making: democratic deficit

This council:
 • Notes that the majority of the NHS England budget is allocated to Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), not local authorities; 
 • Notes the outcome of the NHS Five Year Forward View, which seeks to give CCGs more influence over the NHS budget;
 • Notes that currently, half of the voting members of this council’s Health & Wellbeing Board are non-councillors; and
 • Notes the opportunity to address this through the comprehensive Health & Wellbeing Board review.
 This council requests that as part of the planned review into the Health & Wellbeing Board function, that:
 (1) The terms of reference of this Board are amended, to reflect options for providing greater democratic oversight of Health and Adult Social Care decisions; and
 That this council agrees through request of a letter or other appropriate means to:
 (1) Request that any future government commits to adequately fund adult social care in line with need.




















Proposed by: Cllr Shanks                                Seconded by Cllr Nield


Supporting Information


At a meeting of Health and Wellbeing Board (5.11.19) four representatives of the CCG were able to outvote elected councillors who were seeking to ensure the NHS Long Term Plan was paused pending further public consultation. This, and the restricted power of the Health and Wellbeing Board to monitor and allocate health and social care spend, represents a democratic deficit in the area of NHS and public health spending. Only elected councillors should be given the statutory responsibility for spending public money.


Primary Care: CCGs given more influence over the NHS budget

Future decisions that affect or pertain to local NHS and other health services must be given full, democratic consideration by elected representatives only.