A period of not more than fifteen minutes shall be allowed for questions submitted by a member of the public who either lives or works in the area of the authority at each ordinary meeting of the Council.


Every question shall be put and answered without discussion, but the person to whom a question has been put may decline to answer.  The person who asked the question may ask one relevant supplementary question, which shall be put and answered without discussion.


The following written question has been received from a member of the public.



1.         QUESTION From: Bhavna Sapat


Please can the Council provide us citizens the overall comprehensive transport strategy for Hove that takes into account the actual and proposed development in all areas where proposed development is possible. Can you please confirm that this transport strategy has actual and proposed traffic modelling underpinning the strategy, and accommodation for pedestrian crossings and achievable bike lanes that don’t destroy existing trees and verges?


Councillor Pissaridou, Chair of the Environment, Transport & Sustainability Committee will reply.