Anti-social Behaviour Hove Seafront

Date of Meeting:

 18th June 2020

Report of:

Interim Director Housing Neighbourhoods and Communities

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Jo Player





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Following an amendment by the Conservative Group at the May 2020 Tourism, Economy Culture and Communities committee, officers were tasked with producing a report outlining the specific issue of anti-social behaviour on Hove seafront.  It was asked that the report detail, vandalism of beach huts and other seafront structures and bye-law contraventions.



2.         RECOMMENDATIONS:    


2.1       That committee note the contents of this report




3.1         From time to time Beach Huts in Hove (privately owned wooden structures) and the council owned brick-built Chalets which are located at various locations across the seafront are subject to vandalism.  This can range from graffiti, removal of padlocks to more serious break-ins and sometimes theft.  The structures which are most vulnerable are often those which are poorly maintained or not well secured.


3.2         There are over 450 beach huts and 22 chalets on Hove seafront.


3.3         In 2019 records show 5 chalets and 29 beach huts were subject to vandalism of some form.


3.4         In 2020 a total of 12 Beach Huts and 17 Chalets have been subject to vandalism of some form.


3.5         In May this year, 9 of the council owned Chalets in Hove were broken into (figure included in above total).  It is not known whether any items were taken or if any further damage was caused inside.  However, the Seafront Office spent some time re-securing these and contacting the tenants to inform them of the break-in. 



3.6         The police have been investigating these incidents and have created a problem profile has been created so that the situation can be better managed and targeted.


3.7       Police have also briefed all officers patrolling the area, of the situation and are exploring whether direct patrol action is an option, especially at night.

The police are currently doing more active patrols along the seafront (due to social distancing requirements) and speaking to members of the public and advising anyone they meet. For residents that are at the beach huts they are giving crime prevention advice. Messages regarding the police presence on the seafront and securing beach huts have also been sent out via social media.

3.8       CCTV is also present in seven fixed locations covering Hove seafront but do not cover all of the seafront in Hove.


3.9       The monthly Partnership Tactical Tasking and Co-ordination Group were asked to consider whether Hove Seafront should be adopted as a priority area to target to address crime and disorder and ASB in 2019. It was not felt that it was necessary at that time. It was further raised in May 2020 and again it was not identified as a priority area.


3.10    One complaint has been received by the Community safety casework team since January 2020 regarding ASB/vandalism on Hove Seafront. This related to tents on Hove Lawns.


3.11    There are several bye-laws in place that cover the seafront in Hove. These include:


Cycling prohibited on the Promenade

Dogs must be on a lead on the promenade

No dogs on specific beaches from 1st May (this has been relaxed due to Covid-19 and is not being enforced at the time of writing)

No BBQ’s on specific beaches

No BBQ’s on Hove Lawns

No BBQ’s on permitted beaches before 6pm


3.12    Seafront Officers report that these are often breached but formal enforcement action is difficult without Police assistance. Instead, officers educate, encourage and advise the public which does in most cases result in voluntary compliance.


3.13    In 2019, Seafront Officers engaged with 803 cyclists on Hove promenade and 464 dog owners whose dog was off a lead.


3.14    This year to date, officers have engaged with 464 cyclists across the promenades in Brighton and Hove and 505 dog owners in Hove.






4.1.     There has been no analysis or consideration of any alternatives as this report is just for note






5.1         There has been no consultation in the compilation of this report.


6.         CONCLUSION


6.1       Whilst there has been a series of incidents on Hove seafront relating to vandalism of beach huts during May 2020, police and council officer interventions have addressed this particular issue.






Financial Implications:

7.1         There are no financial implications arising directly from the recommendation in this report.


            Finance Officer Consulted:     Michael Bentley                            Date: 20/05/20


Legal Implications:


7.2         There are there are no legal implications arising directly from this report.


            Lawyer Consulted:                   Alice Rowland                               Date: 18/5/20




            Equalities Implications: None



            Sustainability Implications:


7.3         There are no sustainability implications


Any Other Significant Implications:


7.4         None











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            Crime & Disorder Implications:



1.1       If used appropriately, the activities described in this report should enhance our capacity to tackle crime and disorder


            Risk and Opportunity Management Implications:



1.2       None


            Public Health Implications:




1.3       None


            Corporate / Citywide Implications:


1.4       Proper application of the powers will help to achieve fair enforcement of the law and help to protect the environment and public from rogue trading and illegal activity.