FOOTPRINT – the responsible event for the UK Property Industry

Date of Meeting:

24th September, 2020

Report of:

Executive Director, Economy, Environment & Culture

Contact Officer:


Ian Shurrock

Ian Taylor


01273 292084

01273 292711




Ward(s) affected:

Brunswick & Adelaide







1.1         Outdoor events play an important role as a showcase for the city and provide an economic impact that is a boost to the local economy. The Outdoor Events Strategy seeks to develop the Outdoor Events Programme while looking to minimise the inevitable impacts particularly of major events.


1.2         This report is to consider the request from Brighton Design for the conference event ‘FOOTPRINT’ to take place on Hove Lawns on the 14th-17th September 2021. The Committee is asked to grant Landlord’s Consent as the initial permission for the event.


2.         RECOMMENDATIONS:    


2.1         That the Committee grant Landlord’s Consent for the event ‘FOOTPRINT’.


2.2         That the Committee grants delegated authority to the Executive Director, Economy, Environment & Culture to undertake the necessary requirements for Landlord’s Consent.




3.1         FOOTPRINT brings the world stage to Brighton and Hove and is a development

of Design Brighton. It is described as the “Responsible event for the UK Property Industry”


3.2         FOOTPRINT will provide Design Brighton with an expansive and international platform to showcase the innovation, creativity and collaboration in the Greater Brighton region. Design Brighton 1.5° will curate an exciting programme of events during FOOTPRINT, that will highlight the exceptional talent within the region as a hub for innovative urban design and emerging technologies. 


3.3         FOOTPRINT is intended to provide local authorities and developers with the 

forum to achieve their carbon-neutral ambitions and creates opportunities for collaborative relationships. Consultants will showcase state-of-the-art design and sustainability technologies in an environment of enquiry and commitment to change. FOOTPRINT is an opportunity to work together to accelerate action against climate change. The organisers state “The adoption of the principles of the circular economy and the goal of net zero carbon is the only way to create a sustainable future for our built environment.”


3.4         The organisers feel there is a pressing need for a forum where all the professions and corporate sectors working on the built environment can meet for honest discussions about environmental policy, technological developments and implementation methods. MIPIM (Le marche international des professionals de l’immobilier )  normally held in March in Cannes, is currently the one and only annual real estate event attended by all sectors of the built environment. They have calculated the carbon cost of attendance for the UK property industry is a massive 60,000 tonnes, hence the desire to stage a similar event in the country with Brighton and Hove as the desired venue.


Conference Themes


3.5         FOOTPRINT is a conference where there is an opportunity to learn about emerging technologies and see how they can be adopted in everyday practice to accelerate action against climate change. Knowledge will be disseminated to the people working on the ground at each authority and developer. All sessions will be livestreamed, filmed and broadcast to a global audience. Members of exhibitors’ teams will have remote access to become involved in the discussions wherever they are based. Four themes will be explored:


Materials and the Circular Economy.

This will be curated by Architect Duncan Baker-Brown from the University of Brighton.


Energy Provision

Curated by Hilson Moran Engineers, this will include a programme of discussion and education about energy generation and decarbonisation. This will focus on the  National Grid and gas networks.


Energy in Use

Curated by double Stirling Award winning Max Fordham Environmental

Engineers, the company is an employee owned business, and every one of the 120 partners is at the forefront of their field.


Ecology and Biodiversity

This will be curated by Nick White, Principal Advisor for Net Gain & Green Infrastructure at Natural England Developers and local authorities will be informed on how the requirements of Environmental Net Gain on developments can be met.


3.6         Brighton and Hove has extremely high environmental ambitions. The city has declared a climate emergency and an express ambition to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2030. Brighton and Hove’s reputation for innovation and forward thinking is gaining more power as the city develops a route map to achieve a circular economy. It is the UK’s testbed for active carbon neutral infrastructure projects. Seventy seven countries and hundreds of cities have committed to a net zero carbon pledge by 2050.


3.7         Brighton & Hove’s new economic strategy to 2024 provides a blueprint for the city and the Greater Brighton region to become one of the UK’s most productive and inclusive economies. The strategy urges businesses, entrepreneurs, educators and communities to be bold and to build on the city’s international reputation for openness, creativity and innovation. The organisers believe that FOOTPRINT will play a significant part towards realising the city’s Economic Strategy. In the uncertain economic context of the disruption caused by Covid-19, trade and inward investment are crucially important in economic recovery. This will include supporting business growth and innovation, together with creating and sustaining employment opportunities in both existing and emerging sectors.


3.8         FOOTPRINT will conduct a Careers Fair on the last day of the event for Year 9 students and older. ‘STEPUP’ will offer young people the opportunity to see all the different jobs available in the construction industry and meet industry insiders. FOOTPRINT will work with construction industry businesses to support a year-round project delivering inspiring talks and presentations to schools and colleges across the region. Connecting construction professionals with pupils as part of their careers, advice will inspire young people to get involved in an extremely important and rewarding industry.


Zero Waste Commitment


3.9         The show will be produced with a total commitment to zero waste. The majority of materials used to build the show are simply hired:


•   the marquees

•   the power and lighting equipment

•   the stands

•   the furniture

•   the bars.


3.10      All of these resources are returned for re-use. The carpet used is 100% recycled EVO from Reeds Carpets. All food and beverage containers to be recyclable. FOOTPRINT will work with local cafes and catering businesses to create the on-site catering offered at the show. All the local food and beverage outlets will be required to use recyclable containers. Single use plastic will be banned. Delegates will be encouraged to bring their own drinks containers and water fountains will be available throughout the event. The show will be provided with recycling points and this segregated waste will be collected for recycling by a local licensed waste contractor.




Hove Lawns Location


3.11      The organisers stated reasons for requesting Hove Lawns are;


An ideal place for FOOTPRINT Brighton is Hove Lawns. It is elegant and  glamorous, with sea views across the Channel to the wind farm, against the backdrop of some of the finest Regency architecture in the country. Hove Lawns is a pleasant walk from Brighton, Hove and Portslade Stations and close to many of the city’s hotels, both familiar premium brands and the smaller boutique offerings. It is also only a short distance to the city’s endless variety of enticing venues for private events”.


3.12      The organisers do not want to consider any site other than Hove Lawns. Officers have explored other options such as Black Rock or moving the exhibition / conference into the Brighton Centre. These do not meet with the organisers’ aspirations or logistical needs.


3.13      The total length of occupancy of the large majority of Hove Lawns (see plans in proposal) would be just short of a month. Loss of amenity is always, understandably, a contentious issue with local residents and visitors alike. The organisers are aware of these concerns and are working to keep the majority of the access paths running north to south open as much as possible.


3.14      There is also the risk of damage to the lawns with such a large installation, heavy footfall and length of stay.  The organisers would be responsible for any re-instatement required and a considerable bond would be held against any works needing to be carried out which would be in addition to a commercial hire fee for the use of the lawns.


Funding for Infrastructure Improvements


3.15      As well as paying the commercial hire fee the organisers have committed to paying 5% of ticket sales for seafront infrastructure improvements. The fund will be paid each year, after the event, directly to the Council for allocation to the seafront budget. The commitment to spend the funds on the restoration of the Hove Lawns railings and other seafront infrastructure that is adjacent to Hove Lawns.


3.16      The organisers have recognised the impact of the scale of this commercial event (including the substantial set up and take down time) resulting in a significant temporary loss of this amenity, and have therefore pledged this additional financial support to improve the immediate local area.




4.1         Alternative locations have been proposed to the organisers, but their request is for the Hove Lawns location.




5.1         Consultation is taking place with Ward Councillors, Sussex Police, East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service, South East Coast Ambulance Service, NHS Trust, Environmental Health & Licensing, City Parks, Civil Contingencies, Sustainability and Highways.


6.         CONCLUSION


6.1         Landlord’s consent is required for the staging of all major outdoor events on council land in Brighton and Hove.


6.2         Events continue to form an increasingly significant part of the council’s overall tourism strategy. As well as bringing substantial economic benefits to the city, people experience civic pride when major recreational, sporting and entertainment events take place in their locality. This event is a welcome and important addition to the city’s programme of events.




Financial Implications:


7.1         As set out in the body of the report, the organisers would pay a commercial hire fee for the use of Hove Lawns and, in addition, a considerable re-instatement bond would be held against any potential damage caused to the site (paragraph 3.14).  Any associated costs to Outdoor Events are covered by existing budgets.


            Finance Officer Consulted:     Name  Jess Laing                        Date: 27/08/2020


Legal Implications:


7.2         Brighton & Hove City Council is empowered under the East Sussex Act 1981 to close “parks and pleasure grounds” in its area for up to 28 days a year in order to facilitate the staging of major outdoor events. As the events are transient in nature it is unlikely that a “development” involving the need for a planning application would arise but in any event permitted development rights may apply, notably under Class B Part 4 Schedule 2 of the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (England) Order 2015 allowing “the use of any land for any purpose for not more than 28 days in total in any calendar year…and the provision on the land of any moveable structure for the purposes of the permitted use”. Should any event require road closures or certain other traffic management measures a traffic regulation order under the provisions of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 or the Town Police Clauses Act 1847 will be required.


This Committee is authorised to exercise the Council’s functions in relation to events and can grant the consent that is required in respect of the recommendations. A formal licence will be granted which will set out the terms on which the event can use the site.


Lawyer Consulted: Joanne Dougnaglo   Date: 07/09/2020


            Equalities Implications:


7.3      An Equalities Impact Assessment will be carried out for the event.


            Sustainability Implications:


7.4      A full Environmental Impact Assessment and Action Plan will be required to be submitted for this event.


            Brexit Implications


7.5      None identified


            Public Health


7.6      At the time of this report it is not known what impact Covid-19 will have on the Events Industry in 2021. Any operational plan presented will need to adhere to Government guidance as appropriate. Public Health are also represented on the City’s Safety Advisory Group which considers the operation of all the major events in the city.


            Crime & Disorder Implications


7.7      All major event plans are submitted to the city’s Safety Advisory Group for scrutiny and action.










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