The following questions have been received:


Healthwatch would like to ask a member question at the HWB, as follows:


(1)       Mr Liley (Healthwatch) - Tier 2 Covid Response


“Government advice is that if we move to Tier 2 COVID response Care Home visiting will be restricted to "...only in exceptional circumstances" see:


Irrespective of any move to Tier 2 can the HWB ensure that care home residents in Brighton and Hove can be visited by one nominated family member by arranging weekly testing provided on the same basis as for care home staff?”


(2)       Councillor Childs – Regular Check-Ups for Children Registered with NHS Dentists


What provision will be made to ensure children registered with NHS dentists can receive regular check-ups which have ceased since March?”


(3)       Councillor Childs – Payment for Care Staff working for Providers Commissioned by the Council if Forced to Self-Isolate


“At the last Committee I asked about care staff working for providers commissioned by the council and if they would receive full pay if forced to self-isolate. Please can an update be provided?”


(4)       Councillor Childs – Update on Situation With Non-urgent Blood Tests


“Can the CCG update us on the situation with non-urgent blood tests?”