Appendix 1

Third Sector Investment Programme: Communities Fund 2020-21, Covid-19 emergency grants



Bid focus

Agreed funding

Assert Brighton & Hove

Purchase of laptops and peripheries, including Zoom licences to enable ongoing client support that is not face to face


ADHD Aware

Purchase of headsets for use in support sessions plus Zoom licences


LGBT Switchboard

Purchase equipment and software to move our Helpline & web chat to a remote service. Develop & deliver online Helpline volunteer training. Pay staff to work across projects offering one to one support for the most isolated & those who are not online via phone calls


Real Junk Food Project

Repairs to food chiller units in two new sites for food distribution, with estimate to support bid


Voices in Exile

Staff cost, running costs, IT cost



Wifi connections for 4 migrant houses, utility bills for 2 houses, additional website hosting costs


New Note Projects (Orchestra)

IT (laptops, broadband, website, headphones, tech support) to create platform for musicians to post music. 


One Church, Rock Farm, Chomp

Provision of toiletries, activity and craft packs to vulnerable families for children learning from home.


Craven Vale Community Association

Bid includes Fareshare fee, food costs, cleaning of centre, PPE equipment, misc centre costs




Together Co

Additional Befriending Coordinator capacity to on-board and support new COVID19 volunteers and to support implementation of the new city-wide support mechanisms like the online induction and the peer support training forums



















The Bevy

Provision of wages for chef employed additional hours to provide community meals


Food and Friendship

Core cost contribution to supplement additional work and replace lost fundraised income


Purple People

Additional food needs, security, cleaning, travel expenses in Portslade


Old Boat Corner

Core cost to cover role as community hub


Time to Talk Befriending

Core costs to support additional older people services during emergency



Co-ordinator salary costs, office support costs to meet additional demand for services



Additional volunteer management costs


Friends, Families Travellers

Additional staff and IT support costs to meet additional demand from community self isolating


St Vincent de Paul, Tower House

Co-ordinator wages to reflect loss of fundraised income to enable delivery of food to older isolated people


Clock Tower Sanctuary

Salary costs for CTS Support Co-ordinator



Laptops for home working, Zoom licences, instant messaging development


Marlborough Theatre (Radical Rhizomes)

Online support to isolated and vulnerable community of LGBTQI BAME residents, many also with disabilities


North Laine Community Association

Core costs to support community organisation and for production of community newsletter with reductions in income for production as local businesses are closed


Survivors Network

Purchase of additional laptops/software for home working to ensure levels of security needed to necessitate organisation managed systems


Knoll Community Association

St Richards provides emergency food hub for Hangleton and Knoll area. Loss of income from room rentals due to partial closure will be assisted by this recommended sum, enabling centre to remain open beyond current emergency.


Brighton Women’s Centre

Women Supporting Women Helpline: volunteer co-ordination, essential phones/phone credit for volunteers, phones for women without phones/use in controlled by perpetrator.


One Church/Chomp

Scaling up of craft activities/toiletries, gifted food parcels to reach additional 100 families referred by BHCC officers. These boxes will include toiletries and craft activities for children



Volunteering Matters

Phone based befriending service for over 50s.


Sussex Stalking Support

Equipment & staff hours to enable additional resources for victims of stalking


Impact Young People’s Centre

Provision of additional staff hours to enable 1:1 delivery previously delivered in groups


Synergy Creative Community

Funding will enable production of zine for adults with mental health problems who normally receive 1:1 support to attend events, gigs, etc.


Stay up Late

Peer support project for adults with LD and autism to attend events, gigs, etc. Bid to pay for additional IT equipment, staff costs to support online support packages


Afganistan & Central Asian Association

Support costs to local refugee community, staff & volunteer expenses


Woodingdean Community Association

Provision of food distribution network for Woodingdean, electricity, rent, travel costs



Core costs to cover loss of income from shops



Replacement of lost income from activity rentals, fees


Hangleton & Knoll project

Food hub volunteer expenses, laptop, phones, SIMs, cleaning products



Support costs for home working for staff, IT, phones, etc


Speak Out

Volunteer support and IT costs to enable online/phone delivery


Salvation Army foodbank, Hove

Additional shelving to store ambient food


St Luke’s advice centre

Contribution to core costs for advice service to meet increased demand



Café Domenica

Funding to support premises and administration costs impacted by loss of income from fundraising events


Small Performance Adventures

Provision of online support to people with mental health/substance misuse problems


St Cuthman’s Church, Whitehawk foodbank

Range of utility, cleaning, volunteer costs, incl PPE to support additional space for food bank



Culturally appropriate food purchase, phone costs, staff costs