Sent: 29 October 2020 15:31
To: Sarah Cornell REDACTED TEXT
Subject: Licensing Authority representation against the application for a Premises Licence Variation(Ref: 2020/03111/LAPREV

Dear Sarah,

I have received two repesentation with in my consultation period. 

To address the issues, I would like to update my application with these following amendments:

🛑To reduce my ‘ON’ the premises alcohol sale as a cafe from 11am until 10pm every day. (Thereby reducing the hours from 3am daily)

🛑‘OFF’ license element of my application, it will be ‘sale of alcohol by retail for the consumption of OFF the premises between the hours of 11:00hrs to 02:00hrs every day, and allow me to do a home delivery service via Deliveroo app. (Thereby reducing my hours for Friday and Saturday from 04:00hrs and 03:00hrs every other days.) 

🛑To the employment of an SIA security doorman between the hours of 23:00hrs to 03:00hrs Friday and Saturday and Bank Holiday weekends.

If you need clarification on any of the above, please do not hasitate to contact me. I did try to talk to you today, but you were away from your desk, I did leave a voicemail.

Kind Regards