London Road LAT - Review of Licensing Policy 2021 - some late comments 18/10/20


Dear Jim,

Greetings - and I hope all is well with you.

I am rather struggling to keep up with things at this end - my day job has got several times more difficult!

So I realise that I am well behind the curve with the above Review/Consultation.


But, in case it is not absolutely too late, may I say on behalf of London Road Area LAT

that we are strongly supportive of  key change/proposal (2) Expand the Special Stress Area (SSA) to cover Preston Road and Beaconsfield Road (up to Stanford Avenue).

that we are strongly supportive of Matrix change 4.a.To amend the “Café” category of the Matrix by reducing the terminal time for the sale of alcohol from midnight to 11pm or 10pm within the SSA and “other areas”.



Philip Wells

LAT Chair