Notice of Motion






This Council


1.    Seeks urgent confirmation that all 7 FTE Field Officer positions are now filled as set out at TECC Committee on 19th November 2020;  

2.    Requests assurance that social housing tenants will not be charged for the Field Officer service through the Housing Revenue Account during periods of non-service through the summer;

3.    Notes that a report on the Field Officer programme will be presented at TECC Committee in January 2021; and

4.    Calls for the report to include (i) a full explanation as to why only 2.5 of the 7 FTE Field Officer positions were filled during the summer and (ii) proposals to address concerns over the effectiveness of the service generally with respect to remit, hours of operation and allocated resources.

Proposed by: Cllr Bell                                            Seconded by: Cllr Lewry



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