Notice of Motion





The council believes the pandemic has shown the impact of year on year cuts to local public health teams which are now 22 percent lower per head in real terms than in 2015.

Council notes that the Covid Crisis has shown not only how valuable the role of Director of Public Health and team are but also how important locally planned, supported and resourced responses to any future pandemics will be.


Council asks the Chief Executive to write to the Secretary of State for Health, requesting:

That ministers reconsider spending review proposals that offer no new funding for public health teams during this public health crisis; requesting long-term, sustainable public health funding, and includes further public health spending in the local government financial settlement, expressing concern that public health funding has reduced by over £700m in real-terms in the past five years;

·          this should include a budget to promote local take up of vaccination. While vaccines are delivered by the NHS, council recognises the vital role played by public health teams in promotion of immunisation against disease, and requests funding to support public health promotion work to ensure resources are available to deliver the broadest possible community engagement and take-up of a Covid-19 vaccine

·          that Government publish a long-term strategy for Adult Social Care as part of a comprehensive service alongside the NHS to ensure security in old age.

Proposed by:    Cllr Shanks                                  Seconder: Cllr Nield


Supporting information:

Health organisation the Kings Fund state: “In the past 20 years there have been numerous failed attempts to find a way forward for Adult Social Care funding including 12 White Papers, Green Papers and other consultations about social care in England as well as 5 independent reviews and commissions. Successive governments have put off fundamental reform of the system, opting instead for short-term measures.

The Spending Review simply noted that the public health grant will ‘be maintained’. However, it is unclear whether this means ‘maintained’ in cash terms or in real terms (adjusted for inflation), or something else entirely. With rising costs – including from a pay rise for health care staff in 2021/22 – even maintaining the grant in real terms would mean councils would have relatively less.

Amnesty report on care homes

Amnesty international reports on the failings of the approach to older people in care homes during the Covid-19 crisis: