Notice of Motion






That this council:

·         agrees the importance of the including voice of young people in decision making and commends the recent work on a ‘youth engagement’ action plan for our city’s young people, which was created with the young people themselves.


·         thanks Brighton and Hove Youth Council for the work they do to formally represent the city’s young people within council structures and recognises the importance of the Youth Council as a body.


·         reaffirms its previously agreed commitment to votes at 16.

This council therefore:

·         Agrees subject to the approval of the Children, Young People & Skills Committee, to sign up to the ‘Power of Youth Charter’, using the aforementioned youth engagement report as a basis for showing how we will meet its aims


·         Requests that the Children, Young People & Skills Committee receive a yearly report on actions taken against the Charter across the council.


·         Commits to using our own communication channels as councillors and political parties to support the work of young people, as per the ‘R’ in the charter.


Proposed by: Cllr Clare                                    Seconded by: Cllr Heley


Supporting information:


iWill campaign ‘Power of Youth’ charter


Green Group Notice of Motion ‘Support for Youth Strikes and other Climate Action’ which included agreement to lobby Government on Votes at 16