Cllr. Siriol Hugh-Jones

BH2020/01969 – 39A Preston Park Avenue


26th August 2020:


Please accept this letter as an objection to the above application and a request that it go to Planning Committee if the officer decision is otherwise to grant permission.


I wish to object to this application on grounds of accuracy and the proposed access from Preston Drove. The plans indicate that the entire area from Preston Drive is owned by the applicants. However, this is strongly refuted by the residents of the Mews who have provided officers with Official Copy Entries of the Land Registry Title for 39a Preston Park Avenue.


The plan further describes the division of the property into two units, with unit 2 having two carpark spaces and requiring regular vehicular access via the courtyard of 76 Preston Drove. Residents of the Mews and their children regularly cross the courtyard to access the garden and a play area. Vehicular access by two cars is therefore likely to raise safety concerns and to interrupt the quiet enjoyment of the space by existing residents.