Goldsmid Ward

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Householder Planning Consent



Studio Cottage, Caburn Road Hove BN3 6EF    



Removal of existing garage to facilitate the erection of a two storey side extension with front porch and replacement single storey rear extension with rooflight and associated works.



Ayscha Woods, tel: 292322

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Light House Studio   The IncuHive Space   Mayflower Close   Chandlers Ford   SO53 4AR              


Mr Richard Monckton   90 Walsall Wood Road   Aldridge   Walsall   WS9 8RA              



1.               RECOMMENDATION


1.1.          That the Committee has taken into consideration and agrees with the reasons for the recommendation set out below and resolves to GRANT planning permission subject to the following Conditions and Informatives:



1.         The development hereby permitted shall be carried out in accordance with the approved drawings listed below.

Reason: For the avoidance of doubt and in the interests of proper planning.

Plan Type



Date Received

Location Plan



5 October 2020

Block Plan



8 December 2020

Proposed Drawing



30 November 2020

Proposed Drawing



30 November 2020

Proposed Drawing



30 November 2020

Proposed Drawing



8 December 2020

Proposed Drawing



30 November 2020


2.         The development hereby permitted shall be commenced before the expiration of three years from the date of this permission.                        

Reason: To ensure that the Local Planning Authority retains the right to review unimplemented permissions.


3.         The bee brick and swift box detailed on the plans submitted shall be incorporated within the external wall of the development hereby approved and shall be retained thereafter.

Reason: To enhance the biodiversity of the site and to comply with Policy CP10 of the Brighton & Hove City Plan Part One and Supplementary Planning Document SPD11 Nature Conservation and Development. 


4.         The development hereby approved shall only be used as accommodation ancillary to and in connection with the use of the main property as a single dwelling house and shall at no time be occupied as a separate or self-contained unit of accommodation. 

Reason: In order to protect the amenities of neighbouring properties and potential future occupants because the extension is unacceptable as a new dwelling and in accordance with policies QD27 of the Brighton & Hove Local Plan.



1.         In accordance with the National Planning Policy Framework and Policy SS1 of the Brighton & Hove City Plan Part One the approach to making a decision on this planning application has been to apply the presumption in favour of sustainable development.  The Local Planning Authority seeks to approve planning applications which are for sustainable development where possible.


2.         Where possible, bee bricks should be placed in a south facing wall in a sunny location at least 1 metre above ground level.





2.1.          The application site relates to a two storey, terraced building with a single storey garage which fronts Caburn Road to the east and adjoins the rear of no. 13 Highdown Road to the south.


2.2.          Planning permission is sought for the removal of the existing garage and its replacement with a two-storey side extension with a front porch, and a replacement single storey rear extension with rooflight, along with associated works. 


2.3.          This application follows pre-application advice (PRE2020/00170). In addition, a number of amendments were received throughout the course of the application which are discussed within the main body of the report. 


2.4.          The site is located within an Archaeological Notification Area; however it is not located within a conservation area, and there are no Article 4 directions covering the site. 



3.               RELEVANT HISTORY 


3.1.          PRE2020/00170 - Two-storey extension, single storey ground floor extension, replacement single storey extension and erection of porch - Pre-application advice provided - 01/09/20



4.               REPRESENTATIONS 


4.1.          One (1) letter has been received supporting to the proposed development on the following grounds:

·      Good design in keeping with character and height of surrounding buildings 

·      Would reduce the view of the south side of the building to the immediate north of the site.


4.2.          Nine (9) letters have been received objecting to the proposed development on the following grounds:

·      Poor design, inappropriate height, overdevelopment of site

·      Terracing effect through infill of gap which is characteristic of area

·      Overbearing

·      Too close to boundary

·      Loss of light to dwellings/gardens at nos. 15-25 Highdown Road and Caburn Road

·      Loss of view

·      Impact on trees in neighbouring gardens

·      Noise disturbance/parking impacts from building works

·      Impact on living environment and wellbeing

·      Overlooking

·      Would set a precedent 

·      Detrimental effect on property value


4.3.          One (1) letter has been received commenting on the proposed development on the following grounds:

·      Inappropriate height of development

·      Overdevelopment

·      Overshadowing

·      Out of keeping

·      Close proximity/loss of light



5.               CONSULTATIONS 


5.1.          Sustainable Transport:   No objection subject to cycle parking. No objection to proposed loss of garage, subject to the provision of cycle parking. Proposed cycle storage would not be secure or convenient. Should be located at front. Vehicle parking on existing hardstanding acceptable. 


Amendments were received throughout the course of the application overcoming cycle storage concerns


5.2.          Brighton & Hove Archaeological Society:   Comment. Possible that vestiges of an ancient landscape may still be present. Suggest contact County Archaeology.


5.3.          County Archaeology:   No objection. No comments or archaeological recommendations.





6.1.          In accordance with Section 38 (6) of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004, this decision has been taken having regard to the policies and proposals in the National Planning Policy Framework, the Development Plan, and all other material planning considerations identified in the "Considerations and Assessment" section of the report


6.2.          The development plan is:

·      Brighton & Hove City Plan Part One (adopted March 2016)

·      Brighton & Hove Local Plan 2005 (retained policies March 2016);

·      o East Sussex, South Downs and Brighton & Hove Waste and   Minerals Plan (adopted February 2013);

·      East Sussex, South Downs and Brighton & Hove Waste and Minerals Sites Plan (adopted February 2017); 

·      Shoreham Harbour JAAP (adopted October 2019).


6.3.          Due weight has been given to the relevant retained policies in the Brighton & Hove Local Plan 2005 according to their degree of consistency with the NPPF.



7.               POLICIES


The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) 


Brighton & Hove City Plan Part Two

Policies in the Proposed Submission City Plan Part 2 do not carry full statutory weight but are gathering weight as the Plan proceeds through its stages. They provide an indication of the direction of future policy. Since 23 April 2020, when the Plan was agreed for submission to the Secretary of State, it has gained weight for the determination of planning applications but any greater weight to be given to individual policies will need to await the outcome of the Regulation 19 consultation which ended on 30th October 2020. 


Brighton & Hove City Plan Part One 

SS1              Presumption in Favour of Sustainable Development

CP9              Sustainable transport

CP10            Biodiversity

CP12            Urban design


Brighton and Hove Local Plan (retained policies March 2016): 

TR14 Cycle access and parking

QD14           Extensions and alterations

QD18           Species protection

QD27           Protection of amenity


Supplementary Planning Documents: 

SPD11         Nature Conservation & Development

SPD12         Design Guide for Extensions and Alterations

SPD14         Parking Standards





8.1.          The main considerations in the determination of this application relate to the impact of the proposed development on the appearance and character of the building, surrounding streetscene and wider area, and the amenities of the neighbouring properties.         


Design and Appearance: 

8.2.          The proposed two storey extension to the north elevation of the existing property would largely infill the existing spacing between the application site and no. 2 Caburn Road to the north. The site is not located within a conservation area, and the loss of the spacing between the application site and terrace houses along Caburn Road is not considered to be significantly harmful to the streetscene or appearance of the wider area given its existing terraced character. Further, a gap, albeit smaller, would be maintained adjacent to the northern property on Caburn Road. As such, the principle of an extension in this location is considered acceptable, subject to the further considerations below.  


8.3.          As originally submitted, the proposed two storey extension measured 4.7m in width, and the spacing of the proposed fenestration to the front elevation was considered to relate poorly to, and appear somewhat disjointed from, the fenestration of the of the main and adjoining building. The width of the extension in close proximity to no. 2 Caburn Road also raised amenity concerns (discussed below). Amendments were sought throughout the course of the application to address these concerns. The scheme was amended accordingly, with a revised extension width of 4.2m, and revised spacing of the fenestration. 


8.4.          The two-storey extension would be set back from the front building line and set down from the ridge of the main building, and would include a front porch. It would have a subservient appearance, in accordance with SPD12 guidance. The extension would be finished in white painted brick to the front and rear, with unpainted brick to the north side, and plain roof tiles, which would match the appearance of the existing building. In addition, following amendments, the proposed fenestration to the front would relate well to the existing windows of the main building and appear suitable within the streetscene. 


8.5.          The proposed two storey extension is therefore considered a suitable addition to the building that would not harm its appearance or that of the wider area, in accordance with policy QD14 of the Brighton & Hove Local Plan and SPD12 guidance. 


8.6.          The proposed single storey replacement rear extension is considered a suitable and subservient addition to the building which would not be visible in the streetscene, in accordance with policy QD14. 


Impact on Amenity: 

8.7.          It is noted that a site visit has not been undertaken in this instance, in light of Covid restrictions; however, the impacts of the proposal can be clearly assessed from the plans provided and from recently taken aerial imagery of the site. In addition, the applicant provided site photos as part of the submission, and additional photos throughout the course of the application. 


8.8.          The works would be located to the northern side of the property and would not appreciably impact on no. 13 Highdown Road adjoining to the south. 


8.9.          Whilst the proposal would result in a two storey addition in closer proximity to no. 2 Caburn Road to the north than is currently the case, the property has no facing side windows so loss of privacy or light would occur to this elevation. The extension would not project beyond the rear building line of no. 2, and due to its orientation, would not result in any overshadowing of this property. 


8.10.       The single storey rear extension would project to the same depth as the existing extension, and the west elevation of the proposed two storey extension would be set away from the boundary of no. 15 Highdown Road to the west by 2m. 


8.11.       Due to the orientation of the site, and the separation distance between the extension and the neighbouring garden of no. 2 Caburn Road, and 15 Highdown Road to the west, the extension would result in little to no overshadowing above and beyond the existing situation, and any increased overshadowing would only occur in the early part of the day.   


8.12.       The rear extension would not include any windows in the first floor of the rear or north side elevation and would not result in any significant overlooking or loss of privacy. 


8.13.       The replacement single storey extension is therefore considered acceptable in relation to impacts on amenity.  


8.14.       It is acknowledged that the existing amenity space for the occupants of the application property is somewhat small, measuring 14.6sqm, and the two storey side extension would further reduce this space. However, the proposal would only result in a minimal loss of 0.5sqm of amenity space, so the impact is not considered significant, with a sufficient level retained. 


8.15.       It is noted that an objection has been raised with concerns of the proposed intended use and potential for the additional space to be let out independently from the main building, with subsequent noise disturbance and impact on parking. The floor plans detail that the extension would facilitate a hallway, study and new bedroom and would have internal connections with the main building. In addition, there is only one entrance doorway to the building. The applicants have confirmed that the additional space would be to support a growing family and there is no intention of letting the space out. A condition is recommended to ensure that the development is not used separately or independently from the main dwelling.  This being the case, the proposed use would not result in any significant noise disturbance or impact on parking. 


8.16.       The impact on the adjacent properties at Highdown Road to the south and west of the application property, and 2 Caburn Road to the north has been fully considered in terms of daylight, sunlight, outlook and privacy and no significant harm has been identified. 


Sustainable Transport: 

8.17.       The Highway Authority raised no objections to the loss of the existing garage subject to the provision of secure and convenient cycle parking. An amended scheme was provided during the course of the application providing a cycle store at the front of the property, which is considered acceptable. 


8.18.       The scheme includes the provision of an acceptable sized space parking for 1no. vehicle to the front hardstanding, which is in accordance with SPD14 parking standards. 


8.19.       The proposal would not result in any significant impact on street parking and is not considered to result in any significant uplift in trip generation. 


Other matters: 

8.20.       Since November 2019 the Council has adopted the practice of securing minor design alterations to schemes with the aim of encouraging the biodiversity of a site, particularly with regards to protected species such as bumblebees. A bee brick should be included within the proposed extension in order to help meet the requirements of policies QD18 of the Brighton and Hove Local Plan and CP10 of the City Plan Part One. It is noted that the plans detail that the two storey extension would include a swift box to the north elevation, and a bee brick to the front. This is welcomed and would be secured by condition. 



9.               EQUALITIES  

None identified.