Cllr. Amanda Grimshaw

BH2020/03070 - 95 Heath Hill Avenue


13th November 2020:


Stance: Customer objects to the Planning Application


Comment: I am writing to oppose this planning application on the following grounds:-

There is already planning consent for 24 student's accommodation at No 50, No 38 has 4, No 40 has 4 No 44 also has 6 students & No 101 has 2/4, I suggest that this application is in breach of CP21. I ask that CP21 is observed and protected in this case.


Should the recommendation on this application be to approve I would like this application to come to committee please.


This property has already been let to 6 students for the past 12 months and is immediately opposite another house rented to 6 students. (The houses are approx. 16 meters apart.)


Since the first application for this development there has been many local changes regarding registered & unregistered HMO's in the immediate vicinity just around the corner in Auckland Drive No 10 has 8 Students, No 14 has 4 Students, with the students listed above that's a total of 26 PLUS the 28 takes it to 54 Students in an approximate 8,800 m2.


A recent survey by local residents, highlights that there are 35 to 60 vacant student rooms to let in this area this is in the mid-term when demand is highest.


There are also major problems in the whole of the area with late night noise, litter and rubbish dumped in front gardens and gardens neglected by landlords caused by saturation of student lets and major parking problems as the off street parking is at saturation point for this area.