Stanmer Village Parking Consultation Paper November 2020


Dear Resident/ business operator


As you probably know we have permission from the Council’s Environment, Transport and Sustainability committee to enact the Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) for Stanmer Park. This means that from mid-February 2021 visitors will only be able to park their cars in designated car parks for which there will be a charge. Stanmer village street was excluded from the TRO proposals but there was a commitment to consult these residents and businesses on a separate controlled parking scheme for the village street.


The enforcement proposed will take the form of a contract arrangement as has been in use in other areas of the park for a couple of years now. The contract for this is currently held by One Parking Solutions and is managed by colleagues in the housing department. Parking Charge Notices or (PCN’s) are issued by the contractor, the system is outside of the parks management, appeals are handled by a prescribed scheme and national body.


The basics of the proposed scheme are below highlighting the actions residents will need to take in order to avoid being the subject of a Parking Charge Notice themselves.


The things which can potentially be changed are set out as a range of options in the questionnaire.

Personal information will be used for the purposes of conducting this consultation only details will be removed from the questionnaire once checked for eligibility.


One submission only is permitted from each household, so please do discuss this amongst yourselves to ensure that the returned questionnaire reflects the views of occupants aged 17 and over.


Parking Enforcement Basic Necessities of parking management if controls are applied


One of the key points to note is that the scheme must be easy to manage as there is not a dedicated team available to manage it so this will have to fit in with other commitments.


Residents will need to register their vehicle by emailing the details to Cityparks admin team who will enter the details on a digital system. They will need to include proof of residency in Stanmer Park. This will need to be completed prior to the implementation of the scheme, which is planned to be at the same time as the TRO comes into force in mid-February to enable time for the details to be registered to avoid PCN’s being issued.


Proof of residency would include a scan of a current utility bill or drivers licence showing Stanmer Park Village as the persons registered address or if the situation of restrictions due to Covid allows we could set up shop in Stanmer on a couple of sessions in February to do this.


To keep the system up to date it will be the residents’ responsibility to inform Cityparks of any changes to vehicle registration. This again will be through email (or letter perhaps?) one week in advance of any change e.g. vehicle registration, additional or less vehicles. This will allow time for this to be amended on the system, failure to do so may result in a PCN being issued which will not be cancelled unless the above action can be demonstrated.


Parking controls in the village would match the nearest car park i.e. the Church car park (9am -8pm)


There are a limited number of parking spaces in the village, if all available spaces are taken then vehicles will have to be parked in the car parks with the normal rates applying, parking outside of the regulated hours is not charged.



Visitor arrangements


Depending on the results of the consultation visitor permits may or may not be available.


If they are available there are a couple of options as to how these could be managed:


Up to two non-transferable permits could be issued to each qualifying household/business, these would need to be displayed correctly in the vehicle window and retrieved by the householder to avoid having to get replacements. Replacements are likely to be charged for.


We are also looking at a scheme whereby residents could book in a visitor vehicle via a live online booking system ensuring PCN’s are not issued to that vehicle for the duration of the booked time, which is likely to attract a nominal charge.


Tradespeople working in the village will need to be issued with visitor permits by the household they are working for or if working on behalf of the council register through the officer arranging the work.


Residents will not be charged to register their vehicle or for the operation of the private parking enforcement. There may be a charge for visitor permits or the online system used.


To enable the operator to enforce the controls a range of parking notices will need to be displayed and maintained in the village. These will be either attached to walls or existing highway furniture e.g. lamp columns.


If a PCN is issued the vehicle keeper will be responsible for either paying or appealing this if they feel it was incorrectly issued, CityParks will not be involved in any appeals.


Commercial vehicles making a delivery or pick up will not need to register provided they are not stopping for more than 15 minutes.


The City council is keen to improve access for disabled people wherever it can through various measures.


In Stanmer village we want to prevent vehicles being parked on footways as this causes people to walk in the road.


We also want to ensure parking spaces are available for blue badge holders who would be exempt from PCN’s provided the Blue Badge is correctly displayed, with the attached clock set to cover the time that the vehicle is parked.


















Personal Details


Closing date for receipt of Questionnaires 29th November 2020 any received after this date will not be included in the results.


To be eligible to respond to the questionnaire the person filling this form must either be a resident with a Stanmer address or represent a business that operates within the Stanmer Estate.


For data protection purposes this part of the form will be detached from the questionnaire once details have been checked.




Title                 Forename                                           Surname







Postcode                    Email


Telephone number


If representing Business in Stanmer please add the business name and address


Business Name












Telephone number









Intentionally blank




































Closing date for receipt of Questionnaires 29th November 2020 any received after this date will not be included in the results. Fill in the blanks or delete as appropriate.


Number of vehicles in the household (add number of each that applies)

                                                            Vans/Lorries   …..

                                                            Cars                 …..

                                                            Motorbikes    …..


How many vehicles would you want to park on the street in Stanmer Village


Vans/Lorries   …..

                                                            Cars                 …..

                                                            Motorbikes    …..


Some residents of Stanmer park do not live in the village itself, for example at the courtyard, Upper and Lower lodges, should they be able to register their vehicle to park in the village free of charge?




If no should they be able to register their vehicle for a fee?




Visitors will need to display a valid permit in the windscreen of their vehicle, should this also be available to those operating a commercial business in the village, where they don’t have other private parking space available?



Would you be willing to pay a small fee to register a visitor online via a live booking system?



As the number of spaces in the village is limited we are proposing that there should there be a limit on the number of free spaces per household do you agree?




If yes how many spaces         delete as appropriate           1 / 2 / 3


Do you agree that vehicles should not be parked on the footways through the village?




Do you want the private parking scheme as described to be to be implemented in the village at the same time the charging starts in mid February?                                                  







Any other comments or questions regarding the proposals…….



Many thanks for taking the time to respond to the above questions.



Please put your completed forms into the envelope provided and either give them to me at the residents meeting on 24th or drop through Jason’s door Number 19 Stanmer Village by the end of Sunday 29th as I will pick them up the next morning.