Appendix 2


Criteria to be Considered in Addition to the Community Asset Transfer Policy when considering self-management of Sports Facilities


        The sport currently using the facility will be given priority


        Where there is a clear home team for example a bowling-green they will be given priority


        Where multiple sports use a site a joint proposal will be given preference


        Where the sportís governing body either at a county or national level become involved in the process officers will consult with them on any proposals put forward


        The governing bodies guidance on provision of the sport will be taken as best practice, this will include provision of facilities and standards of coaching


        Where pitches are involved these will generally be licensed and buildings will generally be leased


        As we are prioritising existing sports users a track record of similar experience is unlikely to exist so this will not be given much weighting


        Priority will be given to continued accessible sport provision not income to the council


        The community organisation will be required to undertake consultation and demonstrate good support from the existing sports users, site- based clubs governing bodies and leagues


        The community organisation will be required to submit a sustainable business plan to the sportís governing body in addition to the council.


        The business plan must include clear details of fees and charges


        The business plan must include an explanation of how the community organisation will encourage under- represented groups to use the facilities


        Board members should be identified and information provided as to their experience links to the facilities proposed to be taken over need to be provided


        If successful, the community organisation accounts need to be made available to the council if requested and the council may share these with the sportís governing body


        A CIC must provide itís Statement of Community Interest before itís proposal is considered.


        Where a sports club/ sports association is proposing to form a CIC it is appreciated that the above may be proposed rather than actual however no lease or license will be entered into until these criteria have been met