Items referred from Council - Petitions

Date of Meeting:

26 January 2021

Report of:

Executive Lead Officer for Strategy, Governance & Law

Contact Officer:


Mark Wall


01273 291006



Wards Affected:







1.                    SUMMARY AND POLICY CONTEXT:


1.1             To receive any petitions referred from the Council meeting held on the 17 December 2020.


2.               RECOMMENDATIONS:


2.1             That the Committee responds to the  petition either by noting it or writing to the petition organiser setting out the Council’s views, or where it is considered more appropriate, calls for an officer report on the matter.


3.               PETITIONS:

Protect CGL FACT Families and Carers Group

Lead Petitioner – Tonderayi Madzima


3.1               To receive the following petition referred from the meeting of the full Council and signed by 8 people:


We the undersigned petition Brighton & Hove Council to look at and reverse the cuts to the Change Grow & Live (FACT) support Group that was previously delivered at 9 The Drive in Hove. This is in the spirit of safeguarding social services for families of substance users who often have no other support systems. Ring fence employment for the experienced staff members (Support Workers) that have built up a wealth of experience and provided constructive solutions for families and individuals.




The funding for the building (where sessions took places during weekday mornings and evenings) was withdrawn.


Support to families of substance users has since been reduced to a minimum due to lack of funding. Zoom meetings are being phased out without communication on alternatives.

The service offers psycho-social support and counselling for family members from all corners of the community.


There are unconfirmed suggestions of continuation in some format, but this is not guaranteed, and we would like this vital community service to be restored to its traditional format.


3.2               An extract from the proceedings of the council meeting held on the 17 December is listed as appendix 1.






4.30pm17 December 2020






Present:   Councillors Robins (Chair), Mears (Deputy Chair), Allcock, Appich, Atkinson, Bagaeen, Barnett, Bell, Brennan, Brown, Childs, Clare, Davis, Deane, Druitt, Ebel, Evans, Fishleigh, Fowler, Gibson, Grimshaw, Hamilton, Heley, Henry, Hill, Hills, Hugh-Jones, Janio, Knight, Lewry, Littman, Lloyd, Mac Cafferty, McNair, Miller, Moonan, Nemeth, Nield, O'Quinn, Osborne, Peltzer Dunn, Phillips, Pissaridou, Platts, Powell, Shanks, Simson, C Theobald, Wares, West, Wilkinson, Williams and Yates.




63          pETITIONS.


63.1      The Mayor invited the submission of petitions from councillors and members of the public.  He reminded the Council that petitions would be referred to the appropriate decision-making body without debate and the person presenting the petition would be invited to attend the meeting to which the petition was referred.


63.2      Mr. Madzima presented a petition signed by 8 residents calling on the council to review the decision to cut funding to the Change Grow & Live (FACT) support Group.


63.3      The Mayor thanked Mr. Madzima  for presenting the petition and noted that it would be referred to the Health & Wellbeing Board for consideration.