Notice of Motion

labour GROUP & GREEN group




This Council notes that protection of private sector renters is woefully inadequate and urgent action is required to help to protect renters from being evicted and discriminated against;


The Council notes and welcomes the campaigns by the Citizens’ Advice Bureau, Acorn and Shelter which call upon landlords not to evict tenants for the duration of the pandemic, and calls for;

1)     Officers to actively contact landlords, letting agencies and housing providers to request that they;

·      do not evict tenants for the duration of the pandemic;

·      work with the council, tenants’ unions and representatives to find alternative solutions to eviction;

·      desist from discriminatory practices that act as barriers to benefit claimants such as ‘no DSS’ policies, requiring 6-months rent in advance, homeowner guarantors and prohibitive terms and conditions;


2)     The Council further asks the Chief Executive to write to the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government urging;

1)    The ban on evictions be extended for at least 6 months;

2)    The exemption to this ban which allows for eviction due to rent debt accrued during the past 6 months be removed;

3)    The introduction of a grant to help with Covid-related rent debt;

4)   The introduction of enforcement measures to prevent unlawful discrimination against benefit claimants by landlords and letting agents.

Proposed by: Cllr Williams                        Seconded by: Cllr Osborne


Supporting information:



Citizens’ Advice Bureau – ‘Increasing security for renters in Brighton & Hove’: