Notice of Motion
Green GROUP and labour group

Road danger reduction


This council notes that the Government looks set to incorporate a ‘hierarchy of road users’ into the Highway Code, with cyclists, pedestrians and horse riders defined as our most vulnerable road users.[1] This acknowledges the vehicles with the greatest potential to cause harm to other road users.

We call upon the council to:

-          sign up to the Road Danger Reduction Forum Charter[2], which looks at ways to make roads safer for all road users

-          work with Sussex Police on ways to keep our most vulnerable residents safe on our roads

Update the city’s road safety strategy through:

-          bringing to the Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee an updated safety strategy including road danger reduction measures such as:

·           creating an environment, using positive incentives, that supports the use of active travel methods and explores options for future financial subsidies for active travel where finance allows;

·           measuring danger on our roads through metrics other than just a reduction in casualty numbers, with a view to a proactive approach that does not require incidents to occur before action is taken

·           increasing the number of pedestrian crossings by schools and parks

·           looking to expand the number of school road closure orders

·           expanding interventions designed to cut drivers’ speed, such as Low Traffic Neighbourhoods.

Proposed by: Cllr Hills                                             Seconded by: Cllr Wilkinson


Supporting Information:
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Lambeth Road Danger Reduction Strategy - Draft