A Reminder of the adopted Joint Health and

Wellbeing Strategy

Health and Wellbeing Board

26th January 2021

Our vision for improving the health and wellbeing of local people and reducing health inequalities

      Everyone in Brighton & Hove will have the best opportunity to live a healthy, happy and fulfilling life

Our ambitions

      People will live more years in good health

      The gap in healthy life expectancy between people living in the most and least disadvantaged areas of the city will be reduced.

Brighton & Hove will be a place which helps people to be healthy. 


      Inclusive economic growth.

      Planning of major developments and transport schemes.

      More people travelling actively,

      Improved air quality

      Safe, warm and healthy homes and prevention of homelessness.

      A whole city approach to food and wellbeing

      Green & open spaces, sports & leisure facilities, libraries and community spaces.

      Arts and culture, Supporting carers.

      Challenging normalisation of substance misuse and excessive alcohol consumption

Starting well

The health and wellbeing of children and young people in Brighton & Hove will be improved.

    A focus on early years 

    Promoting healthy lifestyles and resilience in all CYP

    Tackling risks to good emotional health and wellbeing

    Services will ‘think family’ and intervene early to prevent problems escalating.

Living well

The health and wellbeing of working age adults Brighton & Hove will be improved.

    Improve mental health and wellbeing

    Eat well, move more, drink less and stop smoking!

    Better sexual health

    Workplace wellbeing

    Support into work for disabled people, people with long term conditions, and the long term unemployed.

Ageing well/

A place where people can age well

    The contribution of people of all ages will be nurtured and celebrated. Brighton & Hove as both an age friendly city and a dementia friendly city.

    Design of the physical environment and in planning housing developments.

    Reducing loneliness and social isolation

    Reducing risk of falls.

    Helping people to live independently by services that connect them with their communities.

Dying well

The experiences of those at the end of their life, whatever their age, will be improved.

    A city wide approach will be developed to improve health and wellbeing at the end of life and to help communities to develop their own approaches to death, dying, loss and caring.

    More people will die at home or in the place that they choose.

    Support for families, carers and the bereaved will be enhanced.

Our approach: a city where health and wellbeing is everyone’s business

Delivering the Strategy – Our principles

    Partnership and Collaboration

    Health and wellbeing is everyone's business

    Health and Work

    Prevention and Empowerment

    Reducing Health Inequalities

    Right care/Right place/Right time

    Engagement and Involvement

    Keeping people safe

Metric Development and looking beyond the pandemic

    JSNA Updates – January 2021

    Census data – expected January 2022

    Opportunities to optimise use of shared data sets

    Metric development for the 4 wells is active work in progress