Cllr. Vanessa Brown

BH2020/02285 – 7 Woodland Drive


14th September 2020:

I am writing yet again to object to a house being built in the garden of 7 Woodland Drive fronting Benett Avenue.


This is the fourth full planning application for a house on this site. The previous three and an appeal to the Secretary of State have all been refused. The last application was refused by planning officers because “ It is considered that the proposed subdivision is unacceptable in principle as both the proposed and retained plots would be uncharacteristically small for the surrounding area.” Similar wording has been used for each refusal and obviously nothing can be done to address this problem so there is no reason for the decision to be any different this time. There would not be sufficient outdoor amenity space.


The grounds for refusing the appeal to the Secretary of State further stated that the property would be in “stark contrast” to the line of attractive, well spaced bungalows on the South side of Benett Avenue. A house here would impact badly on the street scene.


These plans have rear upper storey windows and a door and balcony that would overlook and cause a loss of amenity to 5 Woodland Drive and to the adjacent bungalows in Benett Avenue.


If this application should be recommended to be passed I would request that it goes before the Planning Committee for decision.