We will be evaluating all applications based on the same aspects so please supply details for the following criteria (weighted in portions out of a score of 100%):

1.       History of the provider


-          History of the business / organiser

-          Experience in events / Christmas Markets and attractions

-          Images or videos of events managed in the past

-          Professional Endorsements

Evaluation and Assessment criteria weight   10%


2.       Operational plans including ground protection measures.


-          Events Management Plan including security (indicative)

-          Comprehensive approach to sustainability, reuse and recycling

-          Comprehensive plans for ground protection and re-instatement

-          Cleansing management plan, including outside event footprint

-          Locally relevant food and beverage offer

-          Demonstration of creative programming and place-making

-          Communications plan as a regional attraction


Evaluation and Assessment criteria weight   30%





3.       Local Economic Impact


-          Opportunity for local trade and employment

-          Opportunity for local services, equipment and contractors

-          Use of the voluntary sector

Evaluation and Assessment criteria weight   30%






4.       Licence Fee Offer


-          Proposed fee, covering the three years of the licence.


Evaluation and Assessment criteria weight   30%


Scoring Methodology



Basis for award of score


Meets and exceeds criteria


Meets the criteria


Meets the criteria in most aspects, fails in some


Fails to meet the criteria in most aspects, meets it in some


Significantly fails to meet the criteria


Completely fails to meet the criteria