11 MARCH 2021

Agenda Item 73(c)



Brighton & Hove City Council




A period of not more than fifteen minutes shall be allowed at each ordinary meeting of the Council for the hearing of deputations from members of the public.  Each deputation may be heard for a maximum of five minutes.


Deputations received:                                                        


(i)           Deputation: Beach Chalets Licenses from Brighton Beach Chalet Tenants Association (BBCTA)

Beach Chalets & Beach Huts Plots to be under the same policy:


Following the Labour & Conservative amendment (TECC, January 14th 2021) to introduce an 8-year time limit for current indefinite leases of beach chalets (if declared legally enforceable), with the continuation of 5-year licences for new tenants and all chalet tenants to be residents within the BHCC boundaries.


Under the "Equalities" aspect of TECC, it would be fairer if all the “beach hut plots” letting policy be included under the same terms and conditions and on the same footing as the “chalet tenants”, regardless of cost or loss to the beach hut owners (caveat emptor, buyer beware), when indefinite chalet tenants have themselves invested many £0,000 equipping and fitting out their chalets in the belief they would have them for as long as they wanted to rent them and they had complied with the terms and conditions of their original agreements.


In the interest of equality & fairness, there should be no discrimination or difference in the letting policy of beach chalets & beach hut plots under the control of BHCC.


Consultation Survey:


The committee put huge reliance on the accuracy of the "Beach Chalet Letting Policy Consultation Survey" submitted in September 2020 and based many of their proposals on the statistics published for a huge 790 respondents. There is evidence to support the suggestion that the responses to this survey could have been exaggerated and inflated by those with an agenda to obtain an advantage by submitting multiple replies anonymously (without entering an email address, it was optional), so not to identify themselves and by canvassing others to submit it for them multiple times by using the "incognito" facility on their computers (it does not identify an individual's unique IP address), when the survey stated that only "ONE" submission could be made by each individual, whereas many could be submitted over and above what was allowed.


Therefore, this survey and all others conducted using the same method by BHCC are deeply flawed and should be declared null and void as their accuracy could be compromised by those with a self-serving agenda and any votes cast using their criteria should also be declared void.


The survey was therefore badly flawed by being able to be highjacked and manipulated by those with a vested interest in obtaining a chalet.




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Mr Ken Tancred

Mrs Wendy Davies

Mr Fraser Morrison

Mrs Sylvia Rowley

Ms Sonia Hawkes