Dear Penny


We would like this letter to be given to the Planning Committee for Wednesdays Meeting.


We are writing regarding the application for Lidl’s to increase their delivery hours at the Goldstone Retail Park.  This business is situated in Hove Park Ward , not Goldsmid, so we do not understand why the Goldsmid Councillors are speaking against a change of delivery hours in our Ward when it will NOT affect their residents.


We have received only one objection from  a Hove Park resident and that was included in a general complaint about all the businesses at the Goldstone Retail Park.


The entrance for the deliveries is not anywhere near  any residential properties at the present time. The nearest properties are at the opposite end of the retail park to the delivery entrance.


It is also a time when we should be supporting our local businesses. Lidl’s will help bring much needed extra customers to the other businesses at the retail park that have been closed for so long.


As Ward Councillors we have no objection to this application.


Yours sincerely


Vanessa Brown and Samer Bagaeen


Hove Park Ward