Cllr. Robert Nemeth

BH2021/00528 91 Payne Avenue


31st March 2021:

I’m emailing now to object to the above application in Wish Ward. I have discussed the matter with several residents and, like them, have concerns about several issues.


First and foremost, I am concerned about the lack of consultation with those living nearby that seems to have taken place voluntarily. This is always a bad sign. Neighbours should have been properly consulted before any application was submitted.


The addition of a new floor with a flat roof does create several issues; not lease the creation of a particularly tall building on the street. Payne Avenue is of course predominantly twostorey buildings. Some have roof rooms. Four complete storeys would jar with the rest of the street – and particularly with the buildings opposite which feature two storeys.


Related to this, the mass, scale and bulk of the proposal is of concern. I was surprised not to see a pitched roof in the proposal. This may even have been too much, but a complete new floor certainly is.


I wish to see this application refused.