Cllr. Vanessa Brown

BH2021/00998 - 16 Lloyd Road


12th April 2021:

As one of the Councillors for Hove Park Ward I have concerns about the above application and would therefore like to object.


This is a semi detached property, not a detached one. To propose to put a large garden room plus a swimming pool with the necessary pump, filter and heating units seems an overdevelopment. It is also likely to cause noise disturbance to the neighbours. Secondly the house already has one woodburning stove plus a pizza oven fuelled by wood in the garden.These plans incorporate yet another woodburner. This will cause more smoke pollution.


This is a designated Nature Improvement area and the inevitable noise, light and smoke pollution will harm the local wildlife.


If these proposals are recommended to be passed I would like the plans to go before the Planning Committee for decision.