Cllr. Daniel Yates

BH2021/00769 - 52 Barcombe Road


31st March 2021:

Stance: Customer objects to the Planning Application


Comment Reasons:

·         Because of the Additional Traffic

·         Noise

·         Residential Amenity

·         Traffic or Highways



Reasons for objection: The impact of this HMO on the surrounding residents, community and properties could be significant due to the nature and intensification of occupation on this site:

·         Potential for noise and other environmental disturbance including waste management issues

·         Inadequate provision of parking and consequential impact to on street parking.

·         Impact on community resources such as schools and health facilities due to the loss of family accommodation


It would also be helpful if the officer report could outline the impact of this being granted would have on the councils ability to meet its commitments within city plan part one, especially the requirements and the council's ability to meet its housing needs assessment.


I would ask that officers check the current and previously held licensing registers to check their impact on the 10% rule is properly taken into consideration.


I also note that in the recent appeal determination regarding 25 Wheatfield Way applying to increase from a 6 person HMO to a nine person HMO the inspector stated that "the increase in noise and general disturbance arising from the occupation by a maximum of 3 additional tenants would lead to significant harm. "


Additionally I note that the decision APP/Q1445/W/20/3249592 identified that:

1)    that the exisiting small hmo counted towards the 10% as contained within council policy.

2)    "the significant amount of opposition to the proposal from local residents and their representatives who perceive that the concentration of HMOs in the area is having a harmful effect on the mix and balance of the community.


Should the recommendation on this application be to approve I would like this application to come to committee please.