Appendix A -  Portions of CIL Receipts


For governance purposes, CIL receipts can be broken down into three

distinctive portions: the ‘Citywide CIL’, the ‘Neighbourhood CIL’ and the ‘CIL

Administration’, as shown in Table 1 below:


Table 1: ‘Portions’ of CIL Receipts 



Percentage of receipts


Citywide CIL



70 - 80% (subject to Neighbourhood % below)

Spend decided by Council according to its strategic infrastructure priorities Spend can be anywhere within the city - or outside – providing the infrastructure funded is required to support development in Brighton & Hove.


CIL Portion 



Currently 15% of CIL collected in respect of development in each neighbourhood capped at £100 per council tax dwelling. This increases to 25% (uncapped) in places where a neighbourhood plan is in place.

Rottingdean: neighbourhood portion passed directly to the Parish Council who will spend it on their infrastructure & associated priorities. 


Elsewhere: funding retained by the Council and spent by it in consultation with the neighbourhood communities in which development paying a CIL has taken place.


BHCC doesn’t currently have any areas where a neighbourhood plan is in place.





5% of CIL collected 

Spend applied to costs of administrative expenses for collection and enforcement in line with legal restrictions on the use of this funding. (This can also include recovery of costs incurred by the council in establishing the levy in the initial period.)