9th June 2021 Planning Committee – Additional Representations



Site Address

Application No.



Land to the South of Ovingdean Road


The following drawing (plot 1 elevations) has been omitted from the plans table in error:


Plan Type                     Reference                Received

Proposed Drawing         FA20-1779-101        22 March 2021


The approved accommodation split set out of page 9, paragraph 4.3 is incorrect and should read as set out below. This does not change the mix as approved under BH2020/02836.

  • 1 bedroom x 2 (both affordable)
  • 2 bedroom x 8 (all affordable)
  • 3 bedroom x 27 (including 8 affordable)
  • 4 bedroom x 7, and
  • 5 bedroom x 1



72-74 Walsingham Road, Hove, BN3 4FF


Condition 3 (External Materials) has been amended to omit reference to the proposed external walls matching existing in appearance, since the existing walls are green and the developer wishes instead to have white-painted render walls – which is considered acceptable


Notwithstanding the requirements of condition 7, the relevant external finishes of the development hereby permitted shall be as follows:

-           External walls in painted render to match the appearance of that found on the existing building (notwithstanding colour).

-           Except where otherwise cleared stated on the approved drawings, window frames made from timber and painted white.

-           Roof tiles to match those found on the existing building.

Reason: To ensure a satisfactory appearance to the development in the interests of the visual amenities of the area and to comply with policies HE6 of the Brighton & Hove Local Plan and CP15 of the Brighton & Hove City Plan Part One.



18 Valley Drive Brighton


One (1) further neighbour representation has been submitted objecting to the application.


Raising the following concerns:

·         Inappropriate design

·         Impact on privacy

·         Increased runoff

·         Increased noise disturbance


The agent has submitted an updated response to the comments received on the application.  Addressing what they claim are factual inaccuracies.