Appendix 3

Managing commercial bins on the highway: revised approach to be implemented


Time banding

Time Banding-Zones (T-Zones) are to be introduced in areas which are impacted by commercial bins on the highway.

Businesses in T-Zones can only have their bins and/or bags of waste on the public highway between the 6am and 9am and 6pm and 9pm on their agreed day of collection, for collection purposes.

At all other times, businesses in T-Zones must store their waste off the public highway or face the possibility of a fine. Bins cannot be left out overnight.

If the waste remains uncollected following the agreed collection day and time, the business must remove it from the highway and store it on their premises. The council suggests when this happens, the business contacts their waste carrier to find out why the collection did not take place.

If a business uses bins which are stored on and collected from private land, the time banding does not affect how their waste is collected.


Presentation of bins

Bins and/or bags of waste must be placed as near to the edge of a business’ property as possible. The waste must not block the pavement or road.


Roads in T-Zones

The roads within the T-Zones are detailed from the next page.


Enforcement of T-Zones

The Environmental Enforcement Team will patrol the T-Zones as part of their daily routine to tackle environmental crimes.

If a business has left a bin and/or bag of waste on the public highway outside of the time-banding, they may receive a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) fine of £110 under section 47 of the Environmental Protection Act (1990). 


Bin ownership

All commercial bins in the city must have a label/sticker on them indicating to whom the bin belongs. This will enable Environmental Enforcement Officers to take any required action and ensure they can speak to the relevant business


Roads in T-Zones

Central Hove

Brunswick & Adelaide

Queens Park

Hanover & Elm Grove

Belfast Street

Adelaide Crescent

Ardingly Street

Cobden Road

Blatchington Road

Alice Street

Broad Street

Elm Grove

Brooker Street

Boundary Passage

Camelford Street

Franklin Road

Church Road

Brunswick Mews

Cavendish Street

Gladstone Place

Connaught Road

Brunswick Place

Chapel Street

Gladstone Terrace

Connaught Terrace

Brunswick Road

Charles Street

Hampden Road

Fourth Avenue

Brunswick Square

Circus Street

Hartington Road

George Street

Brunswick Street East

Devonshire Place

Howard Road

Grand Avenue

Brunswick Street West

Dorset Gardens

Islingword Road

Haddington Place

Brunswick Terrace

Dorset Place

Melbourne Street

Haddington Street

Cambridge Road

Dorset Street

Milton Road

Hova Villas

Chapel Mews

Edward Street

Newmarket Road

Malvern Street

Church Road

George Street

Pevensey Road

Norton Road

Cross Street

Grand Parade

St Leonard's Place

Osbourne Villas

Donkey Mews

High Street

St Martin's Place

Seafield Road

Farm Mews

High Street


Second Avenue

Farm Road

Kingswood Street


St Aubyns

First Avenue

Lower Rock Gardens

Goldstone Villas

Stirling Place

Holland Mews

Madeira Place

Blatchington Road

The Drive

Holland Road

Manchester Street


Third Avenue

Ivy Mews

Margaret Street

Hollingbury & Stanmer

Tisbury Road


Marine Parade

Lewes Road

Vallance Road

Lansdowne Mews

Morley Street


Ventnor Villas

Lansdowne Place

New Steine


Wilbury Road

Lansdowne Road

Princes Street



Lansdowne Street

Rock Place



Little Western Street

St James's Avenue



Lower Market Street

St James's Street



Palmeira Avenue

St James's Street Mews



Palmeira Square

Steine Gardens



Rochester Gardens

Steine Gardens



Salisbury Road

Steine Street



Selbourne Road

Upper Rock Gardens



St Johns Road

Wentworth Street



Upper Market Street



Waterloo Street



Western Road



Wilbury Road



York Road





St Peters & North Laine


Aberdeen Road

North Gardens


Preston Street

Air Street

North Place

Bartholomew Square

Prince Albert Street

Ann Street

North Road


Queensbury Mews

Baker Street

North Street

Bedford Place

Regency Mews

Barrack Yard

Old Steine

Bedford Square

Regency Road

Blackman Street

Orange Row

Black Lion Street

Regency Square

Blenheim Place

Over Street

Borough Street

Regent Hill

Bond Street

Oxford Court

Boyces Place

Russell Place

Bread Street

Oxford Place

Brighton Place

Russell Road

Brunswick Row

Oxford Street

Brighton Square

Russell Square

Caledonian Road

Palace Place

Brills Lane

Ship Street

Centurion Road

Pelham Square

Cannon Place

Sillwood Mews


Pelham Street

Castle Mews

Sillwood Road

Cheltenham Place

Portland Street

Castle Square

Sillwood Street

Church Street

Princes Place

Castle Street

Sillwood Terrace

Crown Gardens

Queen Square

Cavendish Place

South Street

Ditchling Road

Queens Gardens

Clarence Square

Spring Street

Dyke Road

Queens Place

Cranbourne Street

St Margaret's Place

Edinburgh Road

Queens Road

Crown Street

Steine Lane

Fleet Street

Regent Street

Dean Street

Stone Street

Foundry Street

Robert Street

Duke Street

Temple Street

Francis Street

Spring Gardens

Dukes Passage

Union Street

Frederick Place

St Georges Place

East Street

Upper North Street

Frederick Street

St Martins Street

East Street Square

West Street

Gardner Street

St Mary Magdalene Street

Farm Yard

Western Road

Gloucester Passage

St Nicholas Road

Grand Junction Road

Wykeham Terrace

Gloucester Place

St Pauls Street

Hampton Place


Gloucester Road

St Peters Place

Hampton Street


Gloucester Street

Station Street

Hanningtons Lane


Inverness Road

Stroudley Road

Kings Road


Jew Street

Surrey Street

Little East Street


Jubilee Street

Sydney Street

Little Preston Street


Kemp Street

Tichborne Street

Malborough Street


Kensington Gardens

Tidy Street

Market Street


Kensington Place

Trafalgar Lane

Meeting House Lane


Kensington Street

Trafalgar Street

Middle Street


Kew Street

Trinity Street

Montpelier Place


King Street

Union Road

Montpelier Road


Kings Place

Upper Gardner Street

Montpelier Terrace


Lewes Road

Upper Gloucester Road

Nile Street


London Road

Upper Lewes Road

Norfolk Mews


Malborough Place

Viaduct Road

Norfolk Square


Marshalls Row

Victoria Gardens

Norfolk Street


Mount Zion Place

Vine Street

Old Steine


New Dorset Street

Whitecross Street

Oriental Place


New England Street

Windsor Street

Pool Passage


New Road

York Place

Pool Valley



Zion Gardens