Parking Policies

Date of Meeting:

22nd June 2021

Report of:

Executive Director, Economy, Environment & Culture

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Charles Field


01273 293329



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1.1         The purpose of this report is to update Committee on the progress of parking policies within Customer Services (permits), Blue Badge & Concessionary Travel and Parking Infrastructure teams.


1.2         This report summarises the formalisation of the procedures already in place, promotes consistency and supports officers in their decision making as well as formalising new policies within these services. These proposals will mean the creation of a new parking policy statement for Parking Services (Appendix A).


1.3         This report also highlights a number of improvements for customers and certain groups and takes into account Fraud & Audit Report recommendations made and actioned over the last few years.


2.         RECOMMENDATIONS:    


2.1         That Committee approves the new Parking Policy statement (Appendix A) taking into consideration the summary within this report.




3.1         Historically, when additional types of parking permits have been taken forward this has been in a piecemeal fashion, without considering the opportunities for modernisation and consolidation. Customers regularly complain about whether some of the permits, badges and passes are fit for purpose and give anecdotal accounts of where they may be being abused.


3.2         Therefore, it was agreed at the Environment, Transport & Sustainable Committee

on the 21 January 2020 that an operational review of parking permits takes place

and as a result, a report of recommended changes comes forward to this Committee.


3.3         Over the last two years, the Parking Customer Service Team and the Parking

Projects Team have conducted a comprehensive review of the Parking Permit


3.4         The first year focussed on identifying and recommending which permits

were fit for purpose (no change required). This was approved by this

Committee on 21 January 2020 when it was presented as an appendix.

The Report also identified permits that required further investigation by

taking into consideration complaints, concerns and comments made by

members of the public.


3.5         This second year of the review has focused on modifying the identified

permits that required further investigation. Part of these proposals were presented and agreed at this Committee on 24th November 2020 and 19th January 2021. As part of the review a schedule of permits with recommendations for change was started for the 2021/22 financial year.


3.6         An Internal Audit Report ‘resident parking permit 2019/20’ also agreed ‘Parking Services will produce policy documentation detailing the terms and conditions of residents parking schemes. It was outlined that the policy documentation should specify what the acceptable proofs of residency are and what action should be taken if no proofs are available’.


3.7         Following the permit review project, changes to existing processes include;


·           Deletion of permit types; Window cleaner permits and parking waivers.

·           Additional permits types; daily and weekly traders permits to allow more flexibility to Traders.

·           The Dispensation: the use of a time clock to reduce misuse.


3.8         Window cleaner badges were only ever advisory and have been removed from the Traffic Regulation Order as being exempt from receiving a Penalty Charge Notice. However, they can purchase a dispensation (which they have been doing) which is consistent with other businesses.


3.9         Parking waivers have been removed and will be replaced with daily/weekly traders permits which allows more flexibility to traders. We are hoping to launch these at the end of June 2021. The daily traders permit costs the same as a waiver. The removal of waivers means we will no longer be permitting parking on yellow line parking restrictions and the traders have more flexibility in where they can park with Traders permits.


3.10      Previous Parking and Highway Policies before this year on a wider service level were considered in piecemeal fashion and in some cases are informal. This Parking Policy Statement attempts to bring all this together after this extensive review and focuses on Customer Service (permits), Blue Badge & Concessionary Travel and Parking Infrastructure teams. The PCN & Bailiff, Traffic Control Centre and Parking Strategy & Contracts areas will follow later in the year and be reported to this Committee.


3.11      The majority of these Policies will be implemented straight away while some proposals will be considered for next year’s 22/23 Fees & Charges review.







4.1         The main alternative options are doing nothing which would mean that the

Parking Policy Statement would not be taken forward.


4.2         A number of different options have been considered through a comprehensive review and we are putting forward the options that are feasible and achievable taking into account the needs of our customers. Therefore, it is the recommendation of officers to proceed for the reasons that are outlined within the report.




5.1         The parking policies are also directly linked to improving access to the city for disabled people by allowing blue badge holders to park in permit bays in light touch parking schemes and encouraging residents to make choices that support the councils carbon neutral strategy.


5.2         The Equalities Impact Assessment for this Parking Policy Statement has reviewed practices in place and has proposed some additions to improve access to the city for a wider group of disabled people by changing the criteria for a significantly discounted disabled residents permit from being a blue badge holder to being a blue badge or disabled bus pass holder. This will be fully explored and considered ahead of next year’s fees and charges committee. It also proposes reducing the age residents can purchase visitor permits to 16 to be more inclusive to younger residents.


5.3         The parking policies and EIA have been shared at the Disabled Car Users Group (DCUG) which are meetings including BHCC Parking Services, Possability People and BADGE. The group meets every 6 weeks to discuss and share information regarding parking initiatives or issues that affect disabled car users in the city. The group aim is to build better relationships and establish direct communication between disabled people and the council. The intention is that this will lead to improved parking in the city for disabled people, enabling informed decision making and positive outcomes for disabled people.


5.4         The feedback has identified a number of ideas that will be explored further and clarifying if they are procedure or terms of use rather than policy. For example the feedback regarding what should be considered as the size of disabled bays will be fed into the procedure notes including proximity of obstructions and identifying if a longer bay is needed for tail lift or specialist equipment. Comments regarding enforcement of permits and bays will be considered in the further parking policy document later in the year.  Any suggestions with income implications will be also be considered ahead of next year’s fees and charges committee.


6.         CONCLUSION


6.1         As set out in the body of the report and within the recommendations.






Financial Implications:


7.1         The recommendations in this report for changes to parking permits have no additional financial implications. Any administrative costs associated with these changes will be met from existing Parking Services revenue budgets.


7.2         In the case of on-street parking permits any surplus income from civil parking enforcement, after taking into account costs, is governed by section 55 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 as amended. This requires the defined Parking Surplus to be used for transport and highways related projects and expenditure such as supported bus services, concessionary fares, Local Transport Plan projects and environmental improvements. Where the council also funds transport and highways related budgets from its General Fund budget, increases to the Parking Surplus can be lawfully applied to this expenditure, which can thereby release equivalent General Fund resources. The council may use the released resources for any purpose within its duties and powers, including releasing resources for savings.


            Finance Officer Consulted: John Lack                                          Date: 27 May 2021


Legal Implications:


7.3      Under the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 the Council has the power to authorise the use of parking places by vehicular traffic or by vehicular traffic of any class on any part of a road within its area. The new Parking Policy statement detailed in this report will help to ensure consistency in the exercise of this power by the Council’s Parking Services teams and correct compliance with the recommendations in the Fraud & Audit report. 


            Lawyer Consulted: Stephanie Stammers                                    Date: 26 May 2021


            Equalities Implications:


7.4         Consultation took place and the comments and wishes of the respondents were taken into account when considering what changes would best meet the needs of those local populations. The proposed measures will be of benefit to many road users.


            Sustainability Implications:


7.5         No Sustainability implications identified.


Brexit Implications:



7.6         No Brexit implications identified.


Any Other Significant Implications:


7.6       None





1.         Appendix A – Parking Policy Statement


Supporting Documents:


1.            ETS Committee – 24th November 2021 – Agenda Item 46

2.            ETS Committee – 19th January 2021 – Agenda Item 68