Items referred from 25 March 2021 Full Council meeting- Petitions


22 June 2021

Report of:

Monitoring Officer

Contact Officer:


John Peel


01273 291058



Wards Affected:









1.1      To receive petitions referred from the Full Council meeting of 25 March 2021.




2.2      That the Committee responds to the petition either by noting it or, where it is considered more appropriate, calls for an officer report on the matter.



3.         PETITIONS


(1)         Reduce Resident Parking Permit Fees– Alexia Buzgya



To receive the following petition referred from the meeting of Full Council and signed by 58 people:


“We the undersigned petition Brighton & Hove Council to reduce the cost of resident parking permit fees in Brighton and Hove. The cost of the parking permit for residents should be reduced significantly. Residents should not have to pay to park their cars outside their own houses in the city. After paying council tax for road maintenance and road tax on a car, residents still have to pay to park their cars at home, this is extortion.

We demand that the council considers this petition and reduces the cost of resident parking permits, possibly to an admin only fee or at least a significant reduction to make it affordable”.


(2)         Create 45 degree parking bays on Roedale road to improve local residents quality of life– David Toyer



To receive the following petition referred from the meeting of Full Council and signed by 41 people:


“We the undersigned petition Brighton & Hove Council to create 45-degree parking bays on Roedale road, which would almost double available parking for residents. This would help mitigate the problems of displacement parking caused from the councils parking schemes from the surrounding areas.

The benefits for this would be: -


- A decision to help improve living conditions without causing division within the community as it could not be considered elitist as no one would be paying for permits, especially in these difficult financial circumstances we are currently facing.


- The lack of parking effects many shifts workers as parking is gone by 5 pm. Even in the day it is incredibly challenging as residents from 5 ways and other permitted areas, such as students or families who can not afford a permit on their second car leave them in Hollingdean for prolonged periods of time. Shift workers include a lot of key workers from transport to healthcare. We feel it is not fair after someone has completed a 12 hour shift has the stress of facing no parking when they get home and a potentially over half an hour walk.


- An increase in available parking for residents by roughly a factor of two. Speaking to councillors I felt they were aware of the concerns the community has over shortage of parking, where these problems will be increased as the new permit zones come into place around us and with the return of the University students who park along this road.


- Increase in the level of safety of Roedale road for families. Roedale road is a cut through for traffic which suffers from fast moving traffic. Greater than the current 20 mph speed limit allows for. I believe one of the factors for this is the width of the road where a car can perform an overtake without the risk of impending oncoming traffic (ie 3 abreast). With the 45-degree bays the road would become similar to a standard width road with its area deterring traffic from speeding. I am aware this issue has been raised to the council by the community.


- Future proofing in regard to green policy, as electric cars become more reliable with increased range their presents will slowly increase into our area, with increasing government targets. generic wiring used for streetlights, most likely (4 millimetres cabling) would not be able to cope with increased current. Having bays would decrease the distance between charging points when high current cables would have to be laid so less distance would have to be dug up, potentially saving the council thousands of pounds and man hours”.