22 June 2021

Agenda Item 7(b)



Brighton & Hove City Council





The question will be answered without discussion. The person who asked the question may ask one relevant supplementary question, which shall be put and answered without discussion. The person to whom a question, or supplementary question, has been put may decline to answer it. 


The following written questions have been received from Members:


(1)      Councillor Childs- Freshfield Road safety


Following the petition for a crossing and traffic calming on Freshfield Rd in January, when will action be taking to address ongoing speeding and provide a crossing to keep children travelling to school safe?         


(2)      Councillor Childs- Verge and Pavement Parking

Will the Committee implement an ETO to prevent verge ands pavement parking in Valley Gardens?


(3)      Councillor Childs- Cycle Lane on Marine Parade

In view of the hazardous traffic conditions are there plans to install cycle safe lanes on Marine Parade between Black Rock and the Aquarium?


(4)      Councillor Childs- Tarner Park


In view of open hard drug use and anti-social behaviour in Tarner Park, will the Committee agree to install a higher fence along Sussex St and Lock the Park at night?


(5)      Councillor Childs- Queens Park


Given the parlous and disgusting state of the toilets in Queens Park, when will the toilets in Queens Park be renovated and or rebuilt?


(6)      Councillor Fishleigh- Road Safety


Residents living on and near Bristol Gardens, in Ovingdean and in Roedean have presented petitions and asked questions to this committee about the provision of traffic calming schemes and pavements where none exist along busy roads.

Nothing has happened so far.  What should I advise them next time they ask for an update?


(7)          Councillor Fishleigh- Damage to an allotment

In October the shed of an allotment holder in Rottingdean was damaged by council officials.  When will this be replaced?




(8)      Councillor Fishleigh- Pavement Weeds

Numerous older people have hurt themselves when slipping on wet vegetation growing between pavements in Rottingdean Coastal Ward. Unfortunately, several had to go to hospital with head injuries.

What is the plan for weeding pavements in the Rottingdean Coastal Ward this summer and could areas on slopes, around shops and bus stops be prioritised please?


(9)      Councillor Fowler- Car Club

It’s a shame that people are being penalised for using the Car Club and are having to pay for damages that they have not done. In this Case the only reason the Car Club knew about the damages is because Tracey Hill reported it, although she saw the damage straight away before she drove it, and as she couldn’t report it till she got home after a 15 minute journey she is now liable. The Car Club is a great initiative and I have often promoted it as it helps towards the Carbon footprint by letting people use a car for essential journeys without having to buy one, but find the bill of £750 people are being sent quite extortionate. It would be a shame if this stopped people using this service.

Please can you tell me about the nature of the relationship between the council and the car club. Does the car club operate only with the permission of the council? Is there some kind of agreement or contract between the two? If so, what are its terms and conditions? Does the car club have to meet any criteria? Has the council considered different operators in the past, or thought about having more than one club operating? If different clubs have been considered, how have they been evaluated.


(10)   Councillor Williams- City wide access

At a previous ETS committee there was a request for a report on city wide access for less abled people. What progress has been made on this?


(11)   Councillor Williams- St Georges Road

St Georges Road in Kemptown village is being used more and more as a through road for inconsiderate traffic often driving through at considerable speed. Vans and large vehicles are illegally parking on a regular basis. Pavements are narrow so pedestrians are having to put themselves at risk by walking in the road. Pedestrianisation of at least part of this area would much improve safety and quality of life for people in this area. Why have plans for this been shelved?


(12)   Councillor Williams- Madeira Drive

Madeira Drive has become unwieldy, congested and downright dangerous for pedestrians who are struggling to socially distance in the constricted spaces. The present reconfiguring is significantly adding to this mayhem. This must be made safer for pedestrians and quickly. What is going to be done to improve this?


(13)   Councillor Williams- Parking Bay, Broadway Whitehawk

There has recently been parking charges implemented at the parking bay on Broadway Whitehawk. There has been no consultation with local residents, and this is having a severely detrimental effect on the already struggling businesses located near this parking bay. Furthermore, this spot traditionally been used by local residents who are affected by the extra cost due to low incomes.

The introduction of parking charges here is unnecessary and is already impacting adversely on the local community. This is an area where there is particular levels of deprivation and this should be taken into account.  Whilst parking charges may indeed be of benefit in some areas of our city. There is no benefit here.

I call for these charges to be revoked with immediate effect, does the Chair agree?


(14)   Councillor Fowler- Parking in Hollingdean

I have had several complaints about cars parking on the corners of roads in Hollingdean. This is getting dangerous. Please can this be investigated as if feel that it can’t wait until we have a consultation into parking permits in February. We have 4 schools in Hollingdean and the safety of our children walking to school should be a priority. Please could we introduce safe walk to school routes in Hollingdean?


(15)   Councillor Fowler- Park and Ride

I have been informed by delivery drivers that the town has become gridlocked over the half term with cars queuing along Kings Road A259 in both directions to get into the car parks in West Street causing mayhem. The delivery driver said his journey into town was more than doubled. Is it about time we find somewhere to do a park and ride for visitors to this City as a matter of urgency considering people will be holidaying at home and not going abroad?


(16)   Councillor Fowler- Cycle Signage A259

Could we have more signage for the Cycle Lanes along the A259 westbound to show cyclist which cycle lane to use as cyclists are continually using the pavement lane as it’s not clear they should be using the road. I have had reports from Cyclists that the poles that have been put in place are also continually being knocked down by cars


(17)   Councillor Fowler- Weeds, Hollingdean Terrace

As much as I do enjoy seeing the wildflowers that have been popping up by the roadside and agree that we do not use pesticides. Hollingdean Terrace is looking particularly bad with long grass lying across the pavement. When will the team that clears the weeds in the road be in Hollingdean Terrace?


(18)   Councillor Fowler- Parking at Fiveways

The free parking in Fiveways Ditchling Road has been replaced with pay and display which is having a detrimental effect on the businesses there. The businesses are already suffering because of the internet and Covid. There is a petition coming soon, I would ask you to pause this rollout and wait until we can have a full discussion on this. I understand that we voted for this, but I feel the explanation was not good enough and the consequences on businesses was not fully realised at the time.



(19)   Councillor Nemeth- Renewal Delays

What exactly is the reason for the delay in renewals; how many recipients have been affected; and what is the average length of delay for recipients of (i) the older person's bus pass and (ii) parking permits?


(20)   Councillor Nemeth- Speed Trials

What discussions are taking place with organisers of the Speed Trials - the country's oldest motor race - to ensure that changes to the layout of Madeira Drive do not prejudice the relevant licences being issued.


(21)   Councillor Nemeth- Green Wall

Where did accountability lie for the damage that was done to the Green Wall on Madeira Drive, the country's oldest living wall, during recent works to cycling infrastructure on the street?


(22)   Councillor Nemeth- Boundary Road revamp

What funds have been set aside for the re-design of Boundary Road and Station Road; how long has the project been delayed for; what are the reasons for delay; and when will progress be made?


(23)   Councillor Nemeth- Seafront Toilets

Does the Chair acknowledge the disappointment of residents, businesses and tourists alike of the state of the toilets on the seafront, including the new temporary festival-style cubicles?


(24)   Councillor Nemeth- Allotments

How many allotments are currently not let and to what degree has the waiting list grown since the first lockdown?