Question 4


What is The Big Plan?




This is a five year plan for services for adults with learning disabilities in Brighton and Hove.


The plan will help people with learning disabilities in Brighton and Hove lead healthy, happy lives.


We want to tell you about the plan and hear what    you think.


Question 4


Who put The Plan together?


Plan TogetherGroup 43Place CCGMeeting 2



The Council worked with lots of people to make sure the plan is right for everyone. They worked with:


·       People with learning disabilities


·       Carers, Parents and families


·       Managers and people at the council


·       The Clinical commissioning group who are in charge of health care


·       Providers of services for people with learning disabilities


·       Organisations that work with people with learning disabilities

Question 4


How did we know what to put in the



SpeakAdvocacy Self 1


We asked lots of people what they thought should be in the plan. We listened to:


·       People with learning disabilities


·       Carers


·       Parents


·       Services


·       Amaze


·       Speak Out


·       Carer’s Centre


·       Parent carer’s council



Question 4


What people did people tell us?





People told us what is most important in their lives.


We listened and put these ideas in The Plan.


These ideas are the Six Big Themes.


Question 4



What are the Six Big Themes?


HugWellbeing 1CV 1Choose homeInformation signTransition 3




·      Relationships, Friendships and feeling safe




·      Health and mental health




·      Activities, work and learning




·      Housing and Support




·      Transitions





·      Information and advice









What people told us

Relationships and friendships


No bullyingFelix sebastian 8Lockdown  


·       People are lonely because it is hard to make friends and see people.

They want to be able to date and have relationships.



·       People want to talk about sex, sexuality and gender.

They want information about sexual health, sexuality and relationships.



·       It can be hard to stay safe when you are out or online. It is hard to know who you can trust.



List 2


What we will do

Staff Feedback 1






Information sign

Community life

Group 19Transition 4Tell police3Drink Together 1


·       Make sure people with learning disabilities get to learn and talk about relationships.



·       Make it easy for people to get accessible information about sex, sexuality and gender.



·       Make sure there is training and information for families, carers and staff about friendships relationships, sexuality and gender.



·       Help people in Brighton and Hove understand people with learning disabilities so that they get the support they need.



·       Make sure that people know who to go to if they are bullied on the street, bus or anywhere else.



·       Support people to stay in contact with friends through transitions and changes.




·       Promote the right to do activities and go out in the evenings.



Clipboard Tick Yes


How will we know if we are getting it right?


Dance Fit 3



Support Bubble 5



Making Plans Happy



Bus Travel


·       There will be lots of activities and groups where people can spend time together.



·       People will be able to talk and learn about friendships, relationships and keeping safe.




·       People will be able to talk and learn about sex, sexuality and gender.




·       People will feel safer and more supported in their community.



Wellbeing 1                  



What people told us

Health and Mental Health


Upset-7Healthy 2Reception 2Reasonable Adjustments


·       People are not getting accessible information from their doctors.

Some people are not getting annual health checks or extra time.




·       Making appointments and talking to reception staff make people anxious.




·       People are not getting the support they need to keep healthy.




·       It is hard to get support with mental health.

Some people say they have harmed themselves because they did not know where to turn.


List 2


What we will do


Information sign



Wellbeing Be Active






Mental Health Young



Health leaflets

Letter Health Check


·       Make sure that it is easy to find information about health and wellbeing services.



·       Make sure that there are accessible activities to help people with learning disabilities stay healthy and happy.




·       Make it easier to know where to go for help with mental health.



·       Work with others so that young people get better mental health information and support in transition.



·       Make more easy read health information and films.



·       Make sure that more people with learning disabilities get annual health checks and health action plans.


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How we will know if we are getting it right





Healthy 2



GP Doctor 5







Letter Health CheckAIS Logo



·       It will be easier to find accessible information

about health and wellbeing services. 



·       People will be supported to learn about healthy lifestyles and activities.




·       Doctors and other professionals will understand more about people with learning disabilities.




·       People will know who to contact when they have a problem.



·       People will get letters and health information in easy read.



·       More people will get Annual Health Checks.




Wellbeing Keep Learning


What people told us

Activities work and learning


ID Badge 2



Form Jargon



Fed up 2




Transition 3




Karaoke 2






·       Having a job, volunteering and learning make people feel good.



·       People say they do not have the right support to help them get jobs or volunteer.



·       Things go wrong when workplaces and colleges do not give enough support.




·       There are less courses and activities when you are over 25.




·       People need support to try new things

They want to go out in the evening and at weekends.

List 2


What we will do







Pub Social 1




Student 3



Office Desk 6



Group 46




Drink Together 1






·       Work together so there are lots of different sorts of activities in the city.




·       Make sure there are things to do in the evenings and at weekends.




·       Make sure that young people can carry on learning new skills.




·       Support people to learn, work and volunteer.




·       Make work and learning opportunities in the community so that people feel part of things.




·       Work with services so that they support people to go out in the evening and at weekends.



·       Improve transport and travel training so that people can get to activities, work or learning



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How we will know if we are getting it right





ID Badge 2



Community life




Form Staff Support 




·       People will tell us there are lots of different activities in the city



·       More people will be working or volunteering




·       People will be working, volunteering and learning in the community




·       People will tell us they have the right support to learn and work







Choose home


What people told us

Housing and support


Choose homePhone Bill Woman 2LockdownShopping Basket 2


·       Good support means that people can learn new skills, go to new places and be more independent.



·       People who live in Care Homes say that they miss out because there are not enough staff to support them to go out.



·       People said that they struggle with bills or shopping when they do not have reliable support.



·       People want to choose where they live.



·       People want the right support and planning to live safely and independently.



List 2


What we will do


Choose home4




Information sign

Place our house 1




Form help2




Short break(respite)



Me woman7



Personal assistant




·       Work together to make sure there is a choice of different types of housing.






·       Make sure there is good information about housing for people with learning disabilities, their families and carers.




·       Understand it is important to support people to live with friends or near family.




·       Give support with housing forms and online applications.




·       Work on giving more respite choices.




·       Support people to achieve the independence they want.




·       Make sure that staff and P/As are trained to give good support.


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How we will know if we are getting it right



Information sign





Housing Network




Assessment & Treatment Unit




Community life


·       People tell us they can find information about housing that is easy to understand.



·       There are different sorts housing that suit lots of different people.




·       Less people need to live out of the area or in hospital placements.



·       People feel part of the community where the live.



Transition 3


What people told us



Information sign



Choose home4



College 1




You choose3





Isolated 2


Emily 4


·       Young people said they do not have enough information about moving on.




·       They said there are not many choices of where to live.




·       People finish college before they feel ready.




·       Young people and their parents said planning needs to start early.



·       Benefits are confusing and difficult for young people and their families.



·       Young people need support with mental health, loneliness and isolation.



·       Planning needs to start sooner for older people so they have the right housing and support.


List 2


What we will do


My Plan 3



Family 2




Terence 4





Mental Health YoungKaram 1Mother Daughter 4



·       Work with young people and their families to plan transition from a young age.



·       Work together to find out what support parents and families need.



·       Understand that people go through changes when they are older too.

Make sure that they have the right support and housing before changes happen.




·       Work with Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services to support young people’s mental health through transition.



·       Support people with learning disabilities who are carers.



·       Support older parents of people with learning disabilities.



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How we will know if we are getting it right


My Plan 3





You choose3


Information sign



Place my house 4




Read book2




·       Early planning will make transitions easier.




·       People will tell us they feel included in transition planning.



·       It is easy to get information, advice and support around transition.



·       There are choices of housing that support people to be independent.



·       There is good information about changes that can happen when you get older. Like dementia.


Information sign


What people told us

Information and Advice



Confused 5








Website Link






Easy Read Logo


·       People want information about local activities but it is hard to find.


·       When people have a problem they do not know where to go.



·       The council website is too hard to use and the information is not accessible.

Some people do not use the internet.



·       Important health information and letters are not easy read.


List 2


What we will do







Easy Read Info 1







Easy Read Logo








Computer 5










·       Make an accessible space on the Council website for information and advice.



·       Collect easy read information about lots of different things and put it on the website.




·       Support services to learn about making easy read information.




·       Work together to support people get training and equipment so that they can go online.



·       Have the ‘What’s Out There’ fair so that people can find out about activities and services in Brighton and Hove.



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How we will know if we are getting it right


Information signPapersWebsiteActivities


·       People will tell us it is easier to find clear information.




·       People will find it easier to use the council Learning Disability web page.




·       There will be accessible information about lots of different things.




·       People will be able to find out more about mainstream activities that they can enjoy.