Although a formal committee of Brighton & Hove City Council, the Health & Wellbeing Board has a remit which includes matters relating to the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), the Local Safeguarding Board for Children and Adults and Healthwatch.


Title: Health & Wellbeing Board: New Terms of Reference



Date of Meeting: 27 July 2021



Report of: Executive Director, Health & Adult Social Care



Contact:  Giles Rossington, Senior Policy, partnerships & Scrutiny Officers



Tel: 01273 5514




Wards Affected: All






Executive Summary


Following a review of the Health & Wellbeing Board (HWB), new Board Terms of Reference (ToR) were agreed at the March 2021 HWB and at March 2021 Full Council. The new ToR are presented here for information.


Glossary of Terms

UHS: University Hospitals Sussex NHS Foundation Trust

SCFT: Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust

SPFT: Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust





1.           Decisions, recommendations and any options



1.1        That the Board notes the new HWB Terms of Reference (appendix 1)




2.      Relevant information


2.1         A review of the operation of Brighton & Hove Health & Wellbeing Board (HWB) was undertaken from 2019 to 2021. The review was supported by the Local Government Association (LGA), with input from key partners, stakeholders and local residents (via an online consultation in late 2020).


2.2         Proposals to improve the effectiveness of the HWB were agreed by the Board at its March 2021 meeting and subsequently by Brighton & Hove City Council Full Council (HWBs are committees of the Local Authority, so changes in their Terms of Reference require approval by the relevant Council). The revised Terms of Reference are included in this report for information (appendix 1).


2.3         In brief, there are two significant areas of change:


2.3.1 Membership.


The membership of the HWB has been broadened to include NHS provider Trusts as voting members and local Community & Voluntary Sector (CVS) representatives as non-voting members. The new member organisations are:


·        University Hospitals Sussex NHS Foundation Trust: 1 voting member

·        Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust: 1 voting member

·        Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust: 1 voting member

·        Community & Voluntary Sector: 2 non-voting members.


Clinical Commissioning Group representation on the Board has been reduced from five to two voting members in order to accommodate the additional NHS provider representatives without disturbing the voting balance of the Board.


This move is intended to provide a broader HWB membership which better reflects increased partnership working within the modern health and care system.


2.3.2   BHCC decision-making. Previously, the HWB was responsible for BHCC decisions relating to adult social care, public health, and children’s care services (the latter jointly with the BHCC Children, Young People & Skills Committee: CYPS). A new BHCC Adult Social Care & Public Health Sub-Committee has now been created. This will take the bulk of Council adult social care and public health decisions, with children’s care decisions reverting to CYPS.


            This change will allow the HWB to focus on strategic issues.


2.4      A HWB Development task & finish group has also been established, with membership from BHCC adult social care, public health, the NHS and the CVS. The group will make recommendations to the Board on further development opportunities: e.g. around public engagement; developing a Board training/seminar programme; developing plans for joint agenda-setting. There will be a report to the HWB at its November 2021 meeting.




3.      Important considerations and implications




3.1       The Health and Social Care Act 2012 section 194 (Establishment of Health and Wellbeing Boards) dictates that the Board is a committee of the local authority which established it and is to be treated as if it were a committee appointed by that authority (subsection 11). The Local Authority’s constitution within its Procedure Rules for Meetings of Full Council, Committees and Sub-Committees at Part 3 provides for the Terms of Reference of Committees to be agreed or amended by Full Council.


Lawyer consulted:        Nicole Mouton                          Date:05/07/2021




3.1         There are no direct implications arising from this report. Any costs such as officer time required to implement the operational changes will be met within existing resources.



Finance Officer consulted:     Sophie Warburton        Date: 07/07/2021




3.2         The changes to HWB membership will allow for more effective involvement in the HWB from organisations with expertise in issues which impact on protected groups (e.g. NHS providers), and from Community & Voluntary sector organisations which provide support to and lobby on behalf of protected groups.




3.3         The review sought to have at worst a net zero impact on the number of meetings in public required, and this has been achieved (e.g. previously six HWB meetings p.a.; now three HWB meetings and three ASCPH sub-committee meetings).


Health, social care, children’s services and public health:


3.4         None identified that are not included in the main body of the report.




Supporting documents and information


            Appendix1: New HWB Terms of Reference

            Appendix 2: ASCPH Sub-Committee Terms of Reference