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Learning disabilities mortality review (LeDeR)  Sussex CCGs annual report  2020-2021


Date of Meeting:


27th July 2021

Report of:

Sussex CCGs: Executive director of Nursing, Quality and Safeguarding



Allison Cannon

Tel: 7920138133


Wards Affected:




FOR PUBLICATION 30th JUNE 2021 on CCG websites


Executive Summary

This annual report details the progress of the LeDeR program in Sussex between 1st April 2020 and 31st March 2021. It evidences our continued effort in mobilising engagement with LeDeR, to reduce the health inequalities experienced by people with learning disabilities in Sussex, and demonstrate the improvements that the system has made to date and is committed to making going forward. It provides a breakdown of deaths by ethnicity, age and gender, details themes in causes of deaths and recommendations made.


In this reporting period, COVID-19 was the most common cause of death for those with learning disabilities. The report contains information on what was done to minimise risks from COVID-19 before it was nationally identified that people with learning disabilities were at greater risk from COVID-19. This was based on themes previously identified in LeDeR; such as, that those with learning disabilities are at increased risk of dying from chest infections.


The ‘learning into action’ section in this report sets out the priorities for quality improvement plans over the next year based on what has been learned to date and aligns to the Sussex LDA Strategy and 3 year plan.




1.           Decisions, recommendations and any options



1.1        That the Board note the report.


2.    Relevant information


2.1       Additional information is included in the Annual Report (Appendix 1)



3.      Important considerations and implications


3.1      Legal: The Board’s receipt of the report enables the Board to meet its statutory function and Terms of Reference. These are described in the Terms of Reference as holding the CCG to account for the impact of their commissioning decisions ensuring that Health outcomes are improving in the way they should; and that Health inequalities are proactively addressed in commissioning plans


Lawyer consulted: Nicole Mouton                                     Date: 29/6/21


3.2      Finance: There are no clear direct financial implications for Brighton and Hove City Council arising from this report.


Finance Officer consulted:     Steve Williams              Date: 06/07/21


3.3       Equalities:The purpose of the LeDeR programme is to reduce the health inequalities people with a learning disability face, by attempting to understand the determinants that underpin them. Sussex commits to the delivery of the LeDeR program which includes the additional protected characteristics under the Equalities Act 2010.


Supporting documents and information


            Appendix1: LeDeR Sussex CCGs annual report 2020-2021.