P&R - KPI Target setting 2021-22 Appendix 1: Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Target Setting Guidance 2021/22


The Council operates a Performance Management Framework (available on the Wave) where accountability for delivery within allocated resources is clear. Performance is not just measured, it is understood and acted upon. Under-performance is discussed openly and honestly to ensure appropriate corrective measures are taken in a timely way.


“Continuous improvement” is the basic requirement of the performance management approach at Brighton & Hove City Council within available resources. It is a statutory requirement for the council as a Best Value authority requiring it to “make arrangements to secure continuous improvement in the way in which its functions are exercised, having regard to a combination of economy, efficiency and effectiveness.”


Guidance for setting the target values:

1.    Performance targets are success measures of the outcomes we are trying to achieve. To measure progress against achievement of target, a RAG (Red, Amber, Green) rating is used.

§  If the set target is achieved or exceeded, the RAG status would be Green.

§  If performance is approaching the target i.e. within an acceptable range, the RAG status would be Amber.

§  If performance is off track and outside of the acceptable range, the RAG status would be Red.

§  Monitoring or trend indicators are defaulted to Grey and do not require Green or Amber values in the target setting template.


2.    Performance Target Value (Green):

§  To set the target, use the latest available benchmarking data (e.g. statistical neighbour data, national data or any other comparable data) or any statutory/contractual target, whichever is more challenging. It is important to explain why a particular set of benchmarking have been selected. If performance is better than benchmarking data, current performance may be used as a target.

§  Where no benchmarking or statutory/contractual data is available, a sound rationale needs to be explained for a target figure e.g. improvement or maintenance from the current performance.

§  Where resources are reducing or being reallocated, or there are significant external factors which will impact on performance, a reduction target can be set. This will need to be clearly evidenced and agreed by Policy & Resources Committee (P&R).

§  Consider the financial impact of delivering the outcome of the KPI when setting the target.


3.    Performance Threshold Value (Amber): Amber status value is set based on professional judgement e.g. taking into account national and local context for the particular indicator. This value shows the point at which performance is still considered to be acceptable, performance levels beyond this point would generate a Red RAG status.


4.    If/when new benchmarking or other data becomes available after the targets have been approved by P&R, Corporate Performance Team to agree revised target value so long as the rationale remains the same and to report a revised target figure to ELT and P&R for information. If the rationale gets changed during the year, Corporate Performance Team to seek approval from P&R before changing the target values on CammsStrategy.


5.    Where possible targets must be set. Corporate KPIs should only be used as a trend KPI when introducing a target value could result in a perverse incentive e.g. setting a target for complaints may result in complaints not being recorded or encouraged. This would also apply to new indicators where we do not have data to base targets on. Not being able to achieve the target (e.g. because of Covid) should not be used as a reason for not setting a target.


6.    KPI target setting process timetable is below:






KPI Target Setting

Mar 21

Corporate Performance Team to send KPI target setting template to all Commentary / Data leads

Mar 21

Cross-party Members Working Group review Corporate and DMT KPI sets

May 21

Commentary / Data leads complete the KPI target setting template

May 21

KPI Targets agreed by DMTs by 20 May 21

Jun 21

ELT peer challenge 9 June 21

Committee Chairs to agree targets

Jun 21

Cross-party Members Working Group review Corporate and DMT KPI targets

Jul 21

Data/Commentary leads to update CammsStrategy with progress info for KPI for Q1 2021/22

Sep 21

KPI progress reviewed at ELT

Oct 21

P&R Committee agree KPI targets 7 October 21





If you have any suggestions for improvement or any queries about this document, please contact Corporate Performance Lead, Richard Miles, Richard.miles@brighton-hove.gov.uk, extension 2344.