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Describe the steps you intend to take to promote the four licensing objectives:

a) General – all four licensing objectives (b,c,d,e)

List here steps you will take to promote all four licensing objectives together.

Seven Cellars is a successful, local business which specialises in high end wines, beers and spirits.

The company is committed to high retail standards and has consulted with the Responsible Authorities in advance of this application.

Seven Cellars Ltd understands the partnership approach underpinning the Licensing Act 2003 and has carefully considered this application so as to support fully the Licensing Objectives.

The proposal for a small shop at Brighton Station is clearly an opportunity to promote the Seven Cellars business to a wider audience of wine-interested commuters as well as visitors to the city looking to purchase gifts - especially Sussex made items from wine producers, brewers or distillers.

We understand that the premises is within the area for Special Stress. The pre-consultation document we have shared with the authorities is to be read in conjunction with this license application and addresses the concerns on the matrix for license applications in the areas of Special Stress but will not form part of the license document.

There are no residential premises in the vicinity and the shop will have background music only.

The company anticipates that the premium nature of the business will make the site unattractive to street drinkers and reduce the potential for any related problems.

The proposed authorised hours have been tailored to avoid the night time economy.

The following conditions are proposed to ensure that this application combines the company's responsible alcohol retailing and experience with practical steps to ensure that the grant of a Premises Licence at this site is a positive contribution to Brighton City Centre.

b) The prevention of crime and disorder

Wines and spirits will be kept on shelving behind the counter. Some other wines will be kept high on shelving only accessible only from a library ladder attached to the shelving.

Other alcohol will be kept displayed in fridge units.

We will not accept cash and we will display appropriate notices to inform customers of this policy.

No beers ciders with an ABV content exceeding 6% will be sold other than premium speciality beer, lager or cider.

Digital CCTV and appropriate recording equipment to be installed according to Home Office guidelines relating to the UK Police requirements for digital CCTV System (PSDB Publication Number 09/05), operated and maintained throughout the premises internally and externally to cover all public areas including the entrance to the premises. The system shall be on and recording at all times - 24 hours a day.

The CCTV cameras and recording equipment will be sufficient quality to work in all lighting levels inside the premises at all times.

CCTV footage will be stored for a minimum of 31 days.

The management will give full and immediate cooperation and technical assistance to the police in the event that CCTV footage is required for the prevention and detection of alleged crime.

The CCTV images will record and display dates and times, and these times will be checked regularly to ensure their accuracy.

Subject to Data Protection guidance and legislation, the management of the premises will ensure that key staff are fully trained in the operation of the CCTV and will be able to download selected footage for the police without difficulty or delay and without charge to Sussex Police.

Any breakdown or system failure will be remedied as soon as practicable with actions taken in this regard being recorded.

An incident register will be kept on site and checked daily by the manager.

c) Public safety

 We will ensure that the challenge 25 posters are displayed prominently inside the shop or on the door at the entrance, and we will of course question people who appear to be under 25 years old.

The signage will be in muted tones.

The lighting will also be muted and switched off upon leaving the premises and this will be set on a timer nightly.

Lighting will be agreed with full communication and agreement of Railway Station management.

Spillages and any broken glass will be cleaned immediately. We will use appropriate signage.

An accident book will record any incidents.

We will make use of a refusals book to document any incidents that occur. We will not serve anyone who appears to be intoxicated. We will record incidents if this happens.

Clear, illuminated fire escape signage will be displayed very prominently by the single door for escape should it be required.

We will have a full first aid kit in situ.

Any rubbish will be taken away using a specialist collection company. Rubbish is predominantly cardboard - we use special bags and make sure they are crushed and separated appropriately.

d) The prevention of public nuisance

We will not allow staff to drink alcohol on the premises.

We will not comply with any request to open bottles on the premises.

The owner will not take meetings from any alcohol wholesale businesses on the premises. No alcohol will be sampled on the premises at all.

The CCTV is monitored 24 hours a day. We use a local firm to monitor the CCTV out of hours and have a designated contact person who is able to attend the premises out of hours if and when they have been called out. The owner has CCTV accessible from a mobile phone and so can quickly see if there is an incident and respond accordingly.

e) The protection of children from harm

No children will be permitted on the premises.

We will not offer any products in open containers.

We will not offer the increasingly popular refill stations for wines and beers for takeaway.

All our wines, beers and spirits are for off-sales and as such we pledge never to assist with any requests for opening bottles.

We will not take part in any request from drinks companies to offer free samples.

We will not offer customers any free tastings of any drinks inside the shop or on the concourse .

The premises licence holder shall ensure that all staff members engaged in selling alcohol shall receive the following induction training. This training will take place prior to the selling our products.

The lawful selling of age restricted products.

Refusing the sale of alcohol to a person who is drunk.

Further verbal reinforcement and refresher training covering the above will be carried out thereafter at intervals not to exceed eight weeks with the date and time of the verbal reinforcement documented.

All training undertaken by staff members shall be fully documented and recorded. Training records will be made available to Sussex Police officers of the local authority and Brighton and Hove Weights Measures Officers upon request.

The premises will operate a "Challenge 25" policy whereby any person attempting to buy alcohol who appears to be under 25 will be asked for photographic ID to prove their age. The recommended forms of ID that will be accepted are passports, driving licenses with a photograph or proof of age cards bearing the PASS mark hologram. The list of approved forms of ID may be amended or revised with the prior written agreement of Sussex Police and the Licensing Authority without the need to amend the license or conditions attaching to it.

Signage advertising the Challenge 25 policy will be displayed in prominent locations inside the premises.

The premises shall at all times maintain and operate refusals recording system - either in book or electronic form which shall be reviewed by the DPS at intervals of no less that 4 weeks and feedback given to staff as relevant. This refusals beeok will be available on request from Sussex Police and local authority staff and Weights and Measures officers.